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Toggle_check # Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Due date
8447BugNewNormalchat secure09/04/2017 01:47 am
8446BugNewHighchat secure09/04/2017 01:43 am
8331BugResolvedNormal'offline message' lostn8fr806/19/2017 01:31 pm
8266TaskNewNormalB7 C2 EE FD 8D AC 78 06 AF 67 DF CD 92 EB 18 12 6B C0 83 12 A7 F2 D6 F3 86 2E 46 01 3C 7A 61 05/03/2017 04:57 am
8218BugNewHighChatSecure for Android can't connect to self-hosted ejabberd/XMPP server03/19/2017 07:36 am
8192BugNewNormal???????????????02/20/2017 06:19 am
8130BugNewNormalnewTORsec.01/07/2017 12:43 am
8048BugNewNormalSex porn movie dirty Pussy bitchs11/26/2016 05:30 pm
8017BugNewNormalnewTORsec.11/03/2016 09:23 am
8016BugNewNormalTORsec.11/03/2016 09:21 am
8015BugNewNormalApp crashes when trying to send attachments or taking pictures11/03/2016 09:20 am
7973BugNewNormalThe README should list all the XEPs supported by ChatSecure10/08/2016 06:55 pm
7965BugNewNormalUnable to detect Orbot in Android 710/02/2016 10:45 pm
7921BugNewNormalShould not work in Android Studio09/16/2016 07:33 am
7875BugNewNormalApp crashes when trying to send attachments or taking pictures08/28/2016 08:17 pm
7842BugNewHighPRIVACY & SECURITY: Unable to connect with XMPP servers that require use of strong ciphers that support forward secrecy08/19/2016 02:06 pm
7813BugNewNormalcannot connect when using bluetooth as internet gateway07/31/2016 09:21 pm
7761BugNewNormalSettings not retaining specific port number for XMPP connection07/20/2016 08:55 am
7758BugNewNormalHangouts receives and shows OTR messages07/19/2016 01:16 am
7727BugNewNormalI have parties controlling this and all devices that I useAnonymous07/10/2016 05:43 pm
7687BugNewNormalCustom port setting in ChatSecure-b198db53 does not save (reliably)06/23/2016 08:41 am
7641FeatureNewNormallocation sharing06/10/2016 08:35 pm
7538FeatureNewNormalhow to change message settings to send when I press "enter, return" key?06/01/2016 02:27 am
7494BugNewHighChatSecure for Android can't connect to self-hosted ejabberd/XMPP server05/26/2016 10:00 am
7486BugNewHighRendering issue in text with new line05/25/2016 12:28 pm
7435BugIn ProgressNormal"git submodule update --init" failedn8fr805/31/2016 01:05 pm
7218BugNewHighOTR Fingerprint?04/26/2016 02:21 am
7178BugNewNormalPerformance Improvement of AsyncTask04/23/2016 01:10 am
7165BugNewNormalPerformance Improvement of AsyncTask04/22/2016 05:25 am
6927BugNewNormalTranslate04/02/2016 10:54 am
6900BugNewUrgentencrypt lock won't work03/28/2016 10:56 pm
6890BugNewLowDescription on F-Droid repository03/27/2016 12:17 am
6839FeatureNewNormalFacebook App account setup03/20/2016 01:10 am
6838BugNewNormalAnonymous burner account / Orbit not working.03/19/2016 01:10 am
6823BugNewNormalCan´t select contact of chatsecure when I share a text by other app.03/16/2016 09:17 am
6779BugNewNormalWrong portuguese-BR translation after update03/09/2016 08:52 pm
6730BugNewNormalChatSecure on Samsung S5 frequently freezes/hangs (contact disappears from contact list)03/02/2016 03:45 am
6724BugNewImmediateApp crash while executing from eclipsecarriestiens02/29/2016 12:38 am
6722FeatureNewNormalSwitching between and distinguishing multiple user accounts02/28/2016 10:11 pm
6673FeatureNewNormalHashed login possible?02/20/2016 04:48 pm
6663BugNewNormal"Secret Identity" feature does not work 02/16/2016 08:51 pm
6647BugNewHighMessages of group chat users (multi-user chat) of some android clients can't be visible by other clients04/13/2016 04:46 pm
6587BugNewNormalIniciar sesión en Android 6 MarshmallowXarrupet02/04/2016 07:16 pm
6584BugNewHighNew Android phones can't sign in to their account, nor create new ones01/30/2016 09:59 am
6581BugNewNormalIniciar sesión en Android 6 Marshmallow02/04/2016 07:22 pm
6576BugNewHighNew Android phones can't sign in to their account, nor create new ones02/23/2016 10:50 pm
6568BugNewNormalChatsecure login problem Blackberry q1001/28/2016 09:13 pm
6524BugNewNormalLarge files won't transfer01/19/2016 02:50 am
6523BugNewNormal "Yes, accept all" doesn't seem to take effect01/19/2016 02:48 am
6491BugNewNormalcustom port for jabber server is not saved/used01/11/2016 02:38 am
6485BugNewNormalno encryption possible with openfire 3.10.3 and android chatsecure01/07/2016 03:42 pm
6464BugNewHighEncrypt lock wont workAnonymous12/31/2015 02:36 am
6463FeatureNewLowUse of fingerprint reader data12/30/2015 01:45 pm
6439BugNewNormalCan't sign in to existing xmpp account via Orbot12/23/2015 08:43 am
6419BugNewHighEncrypt lock wont workAnonymous12/21/2015 11:48 pm
6391BugNewNormalKeyxchange does not work12/13/2015 08:59 am
6385FeatureNewNormalFonts12/11/2015 08:05 pm
6384FeatureNewNormalQuotesAnonymous12/11/2015 07:57 pm
6374BugNewNormalTLS autentication fail12/08/2015 01:09 pm
6357BugNewNormal?????? ????????12/05/2015 11:08 am
6343BugNewNormal'offline message' lost12/01/2015 05:23 pm
6271BugNewNormalInexisting account11/16/2015 09:39 am
6270BugNewNormalThe program does not have a "log out" option11/16/2015 09:37 am
6168FeatureNewNormalCipher Suites10/28/2015 11:55 am
6107BugNewNormalUnable to turn off Sound notification10/22/2015 12:46 pm
6076BugNewUrgentCannot sign into dukgo servers since android update12/10/2015 04:41 pm
6041BugNewHighAndroid M01/10/2016 08:50 am
6018BugNewLowXMPP message containimg "<" not displayed on receiving end10/26/2015 11:04 am
6017BugNewNormal"10/13/2015 12:53 pm
5992FeatureNewLowcustom shortcut: chat with nn JID10/12/2015 03:50 am
5942BugNewNormalZoe-Android <-> ChatSecure-iOS compatibility10/07/2015 09:44 pm
5887BugNewUrgentUnable to import package name "import info.guardianproject.cacheword.CacheWordActivityHandler" while importing Cache World Library.10/05/2015 12:37 am
5849BugNewNormalKeyxchange does not work09/30/2015 01:08 am
5827BugNewNormalKeyxchange does not work09/27/2015 05:54 pm
5826BugNewNormalVoice Message: File not Found09/27/2015 05:49 pm
5797BugNewHighZom: Result of existing account login not checked09/16/2015 07:51 pm
5792BugNewNormalGoogle codes Anonymous09/15/2015 05:41 pm
5790BugNewUrgentUnable to import package name "import info.guardianproject.cacheword.CacheWordActivityHandler" while importing Cache World Library.09/15/2015 04:17 am
5783FeatureNewNormalShould have connectiob to a good voice masking FX app09/13/2015 07:59 pm
5755BugNewNormalSRV issues09/09/2015 01:45 pm
5754BugNewNormalFile transfers not working - ejabberd / chatsecure. Conversations siacs works though09/09/2015 09:16 am
5751BugNewHighswitching 3g wifi09/07/2015 06:42 pm
5726FeatureNewNormalSuggestion - Sugerenciahans08/30/2015 05:58 pm
5716BugNewImmediateCan't connect to my Ejabberd 15.07 Server 08/28/2015 12:00 pm
5715TaskNewNormalauto rotate photo08/28/2015 11:43 am
5708BugNewHighScrolling through contacts for new chat is extremely slow08/27/2015 12:02 pm
5707BugNewNormalSettings' summary should show current value instead of description08/27/2015 11:31 am
5706BugNewNormalOk and Cancel buttons in Zulu languagen8fr808/27/2015 11:30 am
5705BugNewNormalImplement the new Facebook Messenger protocol10/23/2015 02:47 pm
5673FeatureNewNormalsmiley symbols too small08/19/2015 08:35 am
5623FeatureNewNormalZeroConf account displaying contactsAnonymous08/07/2015 03:04 am
5621FeatureNewNormalshow account successn8fr808/06/2015 04:39 pm
5611BugNewNormalcant use chatsecure connect prosody server?xabber can connect successfully?08/06/2015 04:55 am
5583BugNewNormalClicking on geo URIs behaves funny08/01/2015 01:44 pm
5579BugNewNormalAngle brackets (and content enclosed within) is not received07/31/2015 11:47 pm
5573BugNewNormal“Your keystore is corrupted”10/26/2015 10:54 am
5545BugNewNormaluninstall/reinstall with media store on SD card causes crash07/26/2015 06:08 am
5540BugNewNormaluninstall/reinstall with media store on SD card causes crash07/23/2015 04:38 pm
5501BugNewHighCrash When Unsetting Contact Nickname07/15/2015 01:37 pm
5499TaskNewNormalDebeater build hanginghans07/15/2015 12:00 am
5490TaskNewNormalalways use app internal storage for media files07/13/2015 06:27 pm
5435BugNewNormalNo error message when using the wrong password06/28/2015 01:45 pm
5392BugNewNormalUnable to Add a Main Password to the ChatSecure App.Anonymous07/08/2015 07:02 pm
5390BugNewNormalChatSecure Screen Resolution Problem, Effecting Accounts.n8fr808/07/2015 05:03 pm
5205BugNewNormalxmpp new account: Unicode login name05/26/2015 12:41 pm
5167BugNewNormalSeemingly ignoring subscription requests until loginn8fr806/22/2015 01:18 pm
5163BugNewNormalCannot add a contact from another servern8fr805/18/2015 08:52 pm
5157BugNewNormalFile/Image transfer05/18/2015 08:52 pm
5133BugNewNormalNPE on LLXMPP logout07/08/2015 07:06 pm
5130BugNewNormalNPE on remove contact (might be a dup)07/08/2015 07:06 pm
5129BugNewNormalNPE on remote user lookup in OTR session07/08/2015 07:06 pm
5128BugNewNormalNPE when removing contact07/08/2015 07:06 pm
5127BugNewNormalDrawerLayout must be measured with MeasureSpec.EXACTLY06/22/2015 01:16 pm
5063BugIn ProgressHighCan't add contactn8fr807/08/2015 07:16 pm
5059BugFeedbackHighStart Encrpyted Chat05/26/2015 10:43 pm as recommended XMPP server05/09/2015 01:15 am
5008BugNewHighDuplicate Contacts06/22/2015 01:17 pm
4996BugNewNormalhelloAnonymous04/10/2015 10:28 am
4984FeatureNewHighAdd as recommended server05/08/2015 09:00 pm
4920BugResolvedImmediatecan't set master password08/07/2015 05:03 pm
4807FeatureNewNormalOpen Answer With User Evaluation for Verification05/09/2015 01:15 am
4764BugNewNormalCertificate check against google app for domains accounts08/15/2015 04:38 am
4752FeatureNewNormalRe-assess default XMPP priority03/19/2015 12:20 pm
4656FeatureNewNormalnotification of being logged out05/09/2015 01:16 am
4655FeatureNewNormalGit - Uservoice or Bugtracker?05/26/2015 10:07 pm
4653BugNewNormalOTR session can be NPE07/08/2015 07:06 pm
4650BugNewNormalCrash on service shutdown06/22/2015 01:17 pm
4638FeatureNewNormalsuggestion05/13/2015 04:00 am
4631BugNewNormalAudio doesn't playback on Galaxy s3 (Android 4.4.2)n8fr805/09/2015 01:16 am
4630BugNewNormalFailed to add contacts using QR coden8fr805/09/2015 01:17 am
4613BugNewNormalUser appears to be online, but in fakt isn't06/22/2015 01:17 pm
4602BugNewNormalAndroid translation links on website05/09/2015 01:17 am
4601FeatureNewNormalsettings - chat encryption defaultn8fr807/08/2015 07:01 pm
4576BugNewUrgentsometimes, Bonjour chat only works for receiving, not sending with Pidgin05/08/2015 07:39 pm
4559BugNewNormalKeysync fails to sync OTR keys from Pidgin 2.10.10 to ChatSecure 14.0.906/22/2015 01:17 pm
4540BugIn ProgressNormalaccount signup screens should have scrollable texthans05/08/2015 07:39 pm
4533BugNewNormalcan't send image twicen8fr805/26/2015 10:44 pm
4530BugNewNormalcrash after Shutdown & Lockn8fr806/22/2015 01:19 pm
4480BugFeedbackNormalR is Broken05/09/2015 01:18 am
4479BugFeedbackNormalNot easy to build, especially on Windows 805/09/2015 01:18 am
4411TaskNewNormalstupid end user. Help?n8fr807/08/2015 07:01 pm
4378BugNewNormalVerified contact shown as unverified after OTR key importedhans06/22/2015 01:18 pm
4370FeatureNewHighonly run linkify on messages that were received from trusted OTR keys05/08/2015 07:39 pm
4365BugNewNormalAccount names ambiguously abbreviated05/08/2015 07:39 pm
4354BugNewNormalf-droid01/05/2015 02:34 am
4343BugNewUrgentChatSecure sends messages to the wrong recipient on facebook chat (possibly others)06/22/2015 01:17 pm
4340BugNewNormalReturn buttons for Fire OS05/18/2015 08:52 pm
4320FeatureNewNormalReplace emoji button with enter05/18/2015 08:52 pm
4281FeatureNewNormaladd method to differentiate accounts with the same username12/17/2014 11:13 am certificate validation failure05/08/2015 07:39 pm
4278FeatureNewHighdelay loading roster as long as possible06/22/2015 01:19 pm
4271TaskNewNormalsupport sending and handling locationhans05/18/2015 08:53 pm
4183BugNewNormalCopying messages does sometimes not work05/08/2015 07:40 pm
4169BugIn ProgressNormalcrash in android-support-v4's DrawerLayouthans05/08/2015 07:41 pm
4167BugResolvedNormalcrash if logout during contacts list synchans05/22/2015 03:16 pm
4166BugIn ProgressNormalcrash if im providers are reset while loadinghans07/08/2015 07:04 pm
4161BugNewNormalMessages to Google users from non Google users silently fail10/26/2015 02:49 pm
4128BugNewNormalBuildError05/18/2015 08:54 pm
4082BugResolvedNormalRegular database corruption on Android 4.4.405/18/2015 08:53 pm
3992BugResolvedImmediateOTR is not workingn8fr808/07/2015 05:04 pm
3961BugNewNormalwill not encrypt11/03/2014 10:15 pm
3955BugNewNormalCan't delete contacts11/02/2014 10:46 am
3954BugNewNormalcan't set master password06/22/2015 01:18 pm
3948BugResolvedHighimplement setting 'from' in XMPP packets according to RFC05/22/2015 06:29 pm
3940BugResolvedNormal"Start Encryption" is showing on menu with unlocked/off icon05/18/2015 08:54 pm
3922BugNewNormalsetting up new "Secret Identity" then going away from app and returning presents blank screen05/18/2015 08:54 pm
3920BugNewNormalstuck in "Signing in" after DNS SRV lookup failure05/18/2015 08:54 pm
3880BugNewNormalget local fingerprint NPEhans10/17/2014 02:32 pm
3879BugNewNormalCrash in OTR init10/17/2014 02:21 pm
3873BugResolvedUrgentGroup chat self messsges does not show upn8fr805/26/2015 10:44 pm
3864BugNewNormalChat Secure 14.04 encryption settings ignored - OTR keeps trying to force encryption regardless of the settings10/21/2014 12:11 pm
3863FeatureNewNormalMaster Key still lacking05/08/2015 07:41 pm
3833BugNewNormalcant see chat10/02/2014 10:17 am
3814TaskNewImmediateforgot user name/password 09/26/2014 12:53 pm
3810BugResolvedNormalKeySync menu option missing in v 1405/22/2015 02:59 pm
3795BugNewImmediateHow to setup from first your apps?09/20/2014 07:16 am
3786BugNewNormalAndroid 2.3.4, Galaxy S2 : Add Account : Interface mishaps09/19/2014 09:49 am
3778BugNewNormalswiping to get to either the accounts or the contacts screen has no indicator for what way to get to each one09/17/2014 12:50 pm
3777BugNewNormalcannot add known XMPP contact09/17/2014 12:49 pm
3774BugNewHighsometimes cannot send invite to contactsn8fr807/08/2015 07:17 pm
3773BugNewHighcontacts mixed up05/08/2015 07:50 pm
3771BugResolvedImmediatecannot start encryption with certain contactsn8fr807/08/2015 07:12 pm
3770BugNewNormalAddendum to #376909/16/2014 09:46 pm
3769BugNewNormalCan't establish encrypted channel09/16/2014 08:52 pm
3753BugNewHighSome Advanced Account Settings (Port!) are overwritten with default values at sign in09/12/2014 09:36 pm
3752BugNewNormalFix NullPointerException in service.ContactListManagerAdapter$ContactListListenerAdapter.onContactChange, line 53409/12/2014 08:51 pm
3751BugNewNormalFix NullPointerException in engine.ChatSession.onMessagePostponed, line 21309/12/2014 08:51 pm
3736BugNewNormalCopy long messages05/08/2015 07:51 pm
3735FeatureNewNormalMoods and status texts09/10/2014 09:25 pm
3734FeatureNewNormalOptions for sorting contacts05/08/2015 07:51 pm
3733BugNewHighUnable to verify key05/08/2015 07:51 pm
3732FeatureNewNormalSet password after first app start05/08/2015 07:51 pm
3731BugNewNormalNo background image05/08/2015 07:51 pm
3730BugNewHighCrash while log-in after update09/10/2014 08:32 pm
3729BugResolvedNormalOTR between ChatSecure clients cannot startn8fr807/08/2015 07:12 pm
3714BugNewNormalpasswords with non-ASCII chars will not work if OS is upgraded to 4.4.2/android-20/KitKat09/05/2014 03:42 am
3696BugNewHighredundant and confusing encryption settings08/31/2014 10:00 am
3695BugNewNormalissue building 08/30/2014 06:23 pm
3669BugNewHighGoogle Hangouts not working with Google Account without Gmail08/22/2014 05:51 pm
3668FeatureNewNormalChange date/time format (or use system locale)08/22/2014 05:35 pm
3660BugResolvedNormalSetting "required" or "automatic encryption" has no effectn8fr805/26/2015 10:49 pm
3629BugFeedbackNormalCan't secure connection - Cleartext shows in ChatSecure, cyrptext shows in gchat...n8fr808/09/2014 01:53 pm
3626BugNewNormalCan't connect to jabberpl.org08/08/2014 12:51 am
3622TaskNewNormalcheck out jitsi's smack patches 08/07/2014 07:14 pm
3610BugNewHighChatSecure crashes when logging in with Bonjour/zeroconf account07/29/2014 02:05 pm
3594FeatureNewNormalDelete messages retroactively.07/17/2014 03:00 pm
3593BugNewHighEncryption does not start. Messages not sent.07/17/2014 02:55 pm
3580TaskNewNormalfix short and long tap products in chat window01/14/2015 09:59 am
3576BugNewImmediateCan't copy message with http url07/10/2014 11:38 am
3564BugNewNormalloli07/05/2014 03:55 pm
3559BugIn ProgressHighPaik integration failure - Nexus 7 + Nexus 5 (v 13.2.0 - alpha-8 (117)n8fr807/03/2014 02:04 pm
3558FeatureNewNormalCreate account should allow for custom server.n8fr807/02/2014 03:31 pm
3556BugNewNormalUI: Press and hold on a message to copy to clipboard only works for received, not sent, messages07/01/2014 06:03 pm
3555BugNewNormalfile sending no work07/01/2014 12:40 pm
3554BugNewNormalusers not notified of pending message statuses09/17/2014 11:58 am
3531BugNewNormalFacebook Attached files not showing06/23/2014 04:45 am
3528BugNewNormal151606/21/2014 06:10 am
3502BugNewNormalaccount selection haptics and visual feedback09/17/2014 11:59 am
3467BugNewHighunreadable encrypted messages on startup06/08/2014 06:06 am
3466BugNewHighget rid of encryption toggle08/09/2014 01:55 pm
3431FeatureNewNormalUser certificates06/01/2014 12:25 pm
3409BugNewNormalgrsgp ce st guardian gracing with theri presence05/23/2014 11:07 pm
3361BugNewNormalOpenmailboxAnonymous05/11/2014 07:41 pm
3353BugNewNormalCant import Project in to Android workspace05/09/2014 07:22 am
3343BugNewNormalGroup Chat: short right aligned messages are not fully right aligned 05/07/2014 07:26 pm
3319BugResolvedNormalcan't end chat05/08/2015 09:01 pm
3317BugNewNormalStuck on "Signing on..."12/05/2015 06:14 am
3289BugNewNormalGroup Chat: ActionBar changes to non-group chat layout when non group chat is also open04/28/2014 06:10 pm
3264BugNewNormalContact colouring issue04/16/2014 06:51 am
3263BugNewHighInterface shows contacts offline04/16/2014 06:50 am
3256BugResolvedHighCrash on "SHARE" from Galleryn8fr805/22/2015 03:18 pm
3243BugNewNormal46504/13/2014 02:21 pm
3242BugNewHighcan't setup Facebook account10/26/2015 03:56 pm
3239BugNewUrgentFile Transfer not workinghoiba04/11/2014 09:32 am
3229BugFeedbackHighCan't connect Vines server04/29/2014 02:09 pm
3228BugNewNormalUnable to execute dex: method ID not in [0, 0xffff]: 6553604/08/2014 11:10 am
3194BugNewLowDark Theme: Message View not dark on HTC One M704/23/2014 06:55 pm
3144BugNewNormalInvitation to MultiUserChat (GroupChat) always accepted blindly as standard chat04/05/2014 12:34 pm
3136BugNewNormalAttempt to "Start Encryption" fails to establish encryption (endless progress loop)03/26/2014 04:18 pm
3118BugNewNormalGroupChat sometimes displayed as normal Chat03/24/2014 09:51 pm
3040BugNewNormalApp does not close properly03/06/2014 10:43 am
3039BugNewNormalonline status and encryption unstable03/06/2014 10:41 am
3032BugNewHighEnormous consumption of bandwidth03/04/2014 10:00 pm
3027BugNewHighConnection Issues03/03/2014 07:42 am
3024BugNewNormalChatSecure unsuccessful in importing KeySync'd private keyn8fr803/15/2014 10:20 pm
3007BugNewUrgentPaik integration - Nexus 7-specific partial chat room participation failuren8fr802/25/2014 08:00 pm
3006BugNewUrgentPaik integration - fails when ChatSecure is configured with a normal XMPP accountn8fr802/25/2014 07:54 pm
3004FeatureNewNormalMake it possible to send files to offline contacts...03/02/2014 06:49 pm
3003BugNewImmediatehow to compile chatsecureAnonymous03/01/2014 01:08 pm
2997FeatureNewLowaddress book integration and sync02/24/2014 11:09 am

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