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12:15 pm Bazaar Bazaar2 Monthly Report - January 2017
This past month was dominated by organizing the upcoming large development sprint starting in February. This means h...


11:30 am Bazaar Bazaar2 Monthly Report - December 2016

There was some solid progress on the existing efforts, as well as some groundwork laid for the final big developmen...


03:23 pm IOCipher Revision c29d4f7b (libsqlfs): Merge pull request #11 from ChatSecure/podspec-fix
Fix issue with podspec on CocoaPods 1.0+


10:34 pm Bazaar Bazaar2 Monthly Report - November 2016
In November, we started in earnest implementing the big overhaul of the user experience of the F-Droid client app. T...


10:35 am NetCipher Bug #6847 (Closed): OrbotHelper.isOrbotRunning fails on Android 6
@OrbotHelper.isOrbotRunning()@ is deprecated for this reason. Use @OrbotHelper.requestStartTor()@ and listen for the...


04:39 pm Bazaar Bazaar2 Monthly Report - October 2016

This past month, we ran a bunch of user tests to confirm that existing
parts were working, and to get feedback...


11:08 am Bazaar Bazaar2 Monthly Report - September 2016
In September, we completed the redesign of the user experience of the Android client app as well as most of the under...


06:25 pm Bazaar Bazaar2 Monthly Report - August 2016

The main focus of development efforts in August was on designing the new user experience for the Android client app...


08:09 am Bazaar Task #5801: research androwarn and androguard - static malware scanners
* https://packages.debian.org/search?keywords=apktool
* https://packages.debian.org/search?keywords=androguard


08:41 am Panic Feature #7845 (Closed): public transport
I can't see how this is related to panic button features at all, can you give more info?

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