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10:24 pm Bazaar Bazaar2 Monthly Report - June 2017
June marks the end of the final big development sprint for the Bazaar2 project, and many parts of this whole project ...


07:57 pm Bazaar Bazaar2 Monthly Report - May 2017

May was another busy month for us. Now that we have released the new F-Droid Android client with an entirely new u...


12:47 pm IOCipher Bug #8276 (Closed): Failed to resolve with Gradle
They are up on jcenter, so you need to add @jCenter()@ to your @repositories@. Here is one of them:
Download https:...


05:18 pm Bazaar Bazaar2 Monthly Report - April 2017
April was a big month for us in terms of finishing up some big parts
that are directly visible to users, and easy to...


07:02 pm Bazaar Bazaar2 Monthly Report - March 2017

Finally, after many months of doing behind the scenes plumbing, we now have a steady stream of very visible progres...


08:41 am Bazaar Bazaar2 Monthly Report - February 2017
Now that a lot of the work we have done over the past year is solidifying, we have started to do a lot more to promot...


08:26 pm IOCipher Task #8216 (Closed): publish IOCipherStandalone 0.4 to Jcenter
fixed https://jcenter.bintray.com/info/guardianproject/iocipher/IOCipherStandalone/0.4/


12:15 pm Bazaar Bazaar2 Monthly Report - January 2017
This past month was dominated by organizing the upcoming large development sprint starting in February. This means h...


11:30 am Bazaar Bazaar2 Monthly Report - December 2016

There was some solid progress on the existing efforts, as well as some groundwork laid for the final big developmen...


03:23 pm IOCipher Revision c29d4f7b (libsqlfs): Merge pull request #11 from ChatSecure/podspec-fix
Fix issue with podspec on CocoaPods 1.0+

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