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Toggle_check # Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Due date
8524BugNewNormalAmor11/20/2017 06:38 am
8472FeatureNewHighBookmarksAnonymous10/02/2017 06:14 am
8034FeatureIn ProgressNormaladd flash / light option into CameraVn8fr811/14/2016 11:50 pm
8033FeatureIn ProgressNormaladd flash / light option into CameraVn8fr811/14/2016 11:46 pm
7901FeatureNewNormalImprove videoAnonymous09/09/2016 09:23 pm
7889BugNewUrgentMedia taken with IC cam produces data-rubbish, no exporting and uploading09/07/2016 09:02 am
7888BugNewNormalMedia taken with IC cam data-rubi09/07/2016 08:54 am
6713FeatureNewNormalAudio recording and metadata for audio?02/26/2016 05:39 pm
5756FeatureIn ProgressNormaladd flash / light option into CameraVn8fr809/09/2015 02:34 pm
5500TaskNewNormalget CameraV into an fdroid debug repohans07/17/2015 08:19 pm
4998BugNewNormalCommon Suggestions About Getting a Second Hand Automobile04/10/2015 03:54 pm
4990FeatureNewNormalThe Advantages Of Buying Second-Hand Autos04/09/2015 02:06 pm
4989FeatureNewNormalDiscover the Advantages of Getting a Second-Hand Automobile04/09/2015 02:02 pm
4503BugNewNormalno hash value in the j3m02/04/2015 08:31 pm
4501BugNewNormalbatch mode UI problems02/04/2015 08:29 pm
4404FeatureNewNormalSupport for selecting fields to export for batch CSV generationharlo01/15/2015 03:45 pm
4221TaskNewNormalapp should record all geo points as named json objects12/06/2014 08:34 pm
4094FeatureIn ProgressNormalcheckout libpuzzle for image signature recognitionharlo12/06/2014 08:43 pm
3991FeatureNewNormalMUST provide a way for an app or other code to perform HTTP POST/PUT upload of media file for ingest11/05/2014 08:37 pm
3990FeatureResolvedNormalMUST provide a clean permalink that can be easily sharedmegabulk11/06/2014 03:02 pm
3989FeatureResolvedNormalMUST provide an easy way to download source J3M metadata as plaintext / jsonmegabulk12/03/2014 08:07 pm
3988FeatureIn ProgressNormalSHOULD show remaining metadata in an accurate, efficient, pleasing way, ideally server-side parsed and renderedmegabulk12/17/2014 03:54 am
3987FeatureResolvedNormalMUST show map (openstreetmap preferred) of all geolocation points stored in metadatamegabulk02/04/2015 06:51 pm
3986FeatureNewNormalMUST show the pixelhash value and the j3m public ID value for manual/human verification12/06/2014 07:28 pm
3985FeatureResolvedNormalMUST show time/data the media file was captured11/12/2014 08:36 pm
3983FeatureResolvedNormalMUST show time/date the media file was first ingested12/03/2014 08:16 pm
3982FeatureIn ProgressNormalSHOULD delete media once verification is completeharlo12/06/2014 07:35 pm
3981FeatureNewNormalSHOULD search/download public key in known openpgp key repositories if key is not already in local storeharlo12/06/2014 07:37 pm
3980FeatureResolvedNormalMUST show if signed metadata verifies via openpgp signature12/06/2014 07:33 pm
3978FeatureIn ProgressNormalSHOULD support uploading photo to find existing/matching entries already uploadedharlo12/06/2014 08:17 pm
3977FeatureNewNormalSHOULD allow searching via hash (pixelhash of media or j3m-based hash id) to see if item has already been uploaded11/05/2014 08:34 pm
3976FeatureIn ProgressNormalMUST allow upload from a mobile web browser (Chrome on Android, Safari on iOS, etc)megabulk01/26/2015 10:29 pm
3975FeatureNewNormalMUST allow a user to upload any file via a web browser to see if it was generated by InformaCamharlo12/06/2014 08:01 pm
3974FeatureNewNormalMUST allow user to upload their file directly from the InformaCam app (i.e. the "testbed" we have today)n8fr812/06/2014 08:08 pm
3966BugNewNormalpics/videos captured via camera button does not get imported in IC vs. taken via video camera button 11/04/2014 04:43 pm
3781BugNewNormalSome exif values not showing correctly in j3m09/17/2014 07:00 pm
3713BugNewNormalpasswords with non-ASCII chars will not work if OS is upgraded to 4.4.2/android-20/KitKat09/05/2014 03:41 am
3682BugNewUrgentinclude PRNGFixes.java08/27/2014 07:38 pm
3617BugNewNormalBearing Value on dashboard08/06/2014 09:27 pm
3524FeatureNewNormalallow "no password" option06/19/2014 03:19 pm
3445FeatureResolvedNormalcapture media into separate "informacam" folder in galleryharlo10/29/2014 07:15 pm
3444BugIn ProgressNormalProblem when original media is deleted from Galleryharlo06/19/2014 04:27 pm
3427FeatureNewNormalshow both photo icon and video icon05/28/2014 03:36 pm
3426FeatureNewNormalbetter indicator of photo or video in gallery05/28/2014 03:35 pm
3425FeatureNewNormaladd immediate auto-sync/backup to network/ICTD05/28/2014 03:33 pm
3424BugNewNormalneed to fix import message 05/28/2014 03:31 pm
3423BugNewNormalpassphrase vs password05/28/2014 03:24 pm
3401FeatureNewNormaladd Twitter card feature to dashboard05/22/2014 05:37 pm
3394FeatureNewNormaldo dynamic pressure lookup for better altituden8fr805/20/2014 08:36 pm
3370BugNewNormalApp should not crash when Orbot is not installedn8fr805/13/2014 04:30 pm
3369FeatureResolvedNormalonly show bluetooth user id data if use has bluetooth enabledn8fr805/20/2014 09:02 am
3368BugNewNormalbluetooth should be left alone (don't turn on or off)harlo05/13/2014 04:13 pm
3345TaskFeedbackNormalautomatically update ICTDharlo05/06/2014 02:53 pm
3340FeatureIn ProgressNormalExport all logs to SD cardharlo05/04/2014 01:07 am
3323BugFeedbackUrgentgoogle drive client intake not able to download fileharlo05/03/2014 09:19 pm
3288TaskFeedbackNormalresend credentials on google authenticationharlo04/23/2014 06:56 pm is not updatingharlo07/10/2015 05:15 pm
3261BugNewHighvideo hashing errorharlo04/15/2014 05:17 pm
3260BugNewNormalFix ConcurrentModificationException in org.witness.informacam.informa.InformaService.onUpdate, line 61504/15/2014 04:12 pm
3241BugNewHighConfirm Bug 3147 on a Mediatek MT6582 phone (a/k/a iNew V3)04/11/2014 02:51 am
3187FeatureFeedbackNormalStore HASH of camera app APK into j3M metadataharlo04/02/2014 05:15 pm
3179FeatureFeedbackNormalremove whitelist for camera, but instead add camera used to j3mharlo04/02/2014 05:16 pm
3168BugNewNormalFix NullPointerException in, line 15503/31/2014 04:52 pm
3147BugNewHighCM11 Galaxy S4 InformaCam can't find camera03/28/2014 03:32 pm
3142BugResolvedNormalTwo concurrent modification bugsn8fr803/27/2014 12:05 pm
3106BugNewNormalFix NullPointerException in org.witness.informacam.crypto.CredentialManager.onCacheWordOpened, line 15203/19/2014 04:12 pm
3103BugNewNormalFix IllegalStateException in 04:01 pm
3098BugNewNormalFix NullPointerException in org.witness.informacam.crypto.SignatureService.initKey, line 4903/18/2014 12:18 pm
3097BugNewNormalFix RuntimeException in, line 274203/18/2014 12:17 pm
2979TaskIn ProgressNormalAdd updated Spanish stringsharlo02/19/2014 11:18 pm
2977BugNewNormalProblem with importing pics to InformaCam when taken with HDR+ enabled on a Nexus 502/19/2014 08:35 pm
2969TaskFeedbackNormalSet email and alias automatically in GLSP buildharlo02/17/2014 06:41 pm
2929BugFeedbackUrgentJ3M timestamps vary by 19 hours within same image fileharlo02/17/2014 03:36 pm
2918BugNewNormalImages sent to phone gallery01/28/2014 07:00 pm
2917BugNewNormalDisplay of tag annotation in the dashboard01/28/2014 06:55 pm
2902BugNewNormalFix RuntimeException in, line 278801/23/2014 04:28 pm
2870BugNewNormalEditing Tag Information01/15/2014 01:21 pm
2869BugNewNormalFix RuntimeException in, line 243101/15/2014 01:07 pm
2851FeatureNewNormalSensor time-out feature01/10/2014 04:57 pm
2850BugNewNormalProblems when taking multiple images01/10/2014 04:52 pm
2849BugNewNormalFix ConcurrentModificationException in java.util.HashMap$HashIterator.nextEntry, line 80601/10/2014 09:31 am
2834BugNewNormalFix RuntimeException in android.os.AsyncTask$3.done, line 20012/31/2013 08:45 pm
2833BugNewNormalFix XFormParseException in org.javarosa.xform.parse.XFormParser.parseControl, line 56912/31/2013 08:45 pm
2832BugNewNormalFix IllegalArgumentException in android.os.Parcel.readException, line 132612/31/2013 08:27 pm
2804FeatureNewHighDevice identity for video should not be emptyn8fr812/20/2013 04:53 pm
2802BugFeedbackHighdownloading /orig for video mkv file returns a JPEGharlo01/15/2014 06:38 pm
2798BugNewNormalmime: inode/x-empty on IBA serverharlo11/12/2014 08:52 pm
2797BugFeedbackNormalkey 'j3mlog' error on IBA serverharlo11/12/2014 08:51 pm
2793BugNewNormalFix NullPointerException in, line 27012/19/2013 09:25 pm
2792TaskIn ProgressHighILog j3m data directive modified for zipped dataharlo12/20/2013 04:09 am
2770BugNewNormalNo video playback in Samsung Galaxy S4zoom01/07/2014 04:47 pm
2748TaskNewHighMulti-ICTD supportharlo12/10/2013 09:53 pm
2746BugResolvedUrgentfix public hash in clientharlo12/10/2013 09:51 pm
2745BugNewNormalFix TimeoutException in java.lang.Object.wait12/10/2013 04:18 pm
2740BugResolvedNormalvideo files downloaded from informacamviewer have .jpg extension 07/10/2015 05:15 pm
2727BugFeedbackUrgentsubmission import fails without forms.jsonharlo12/09/2013 09:12 pm
2663TaskResolvedNormalUI Bugs / Improvemnetsn8fr807/10/2015 05:17 pm
2661BugResolvedNormalFix RuntimeException in, line 228707/10/2015 05:15 pm
2660BugResolvedNormalFix IllegalStateException in 05:15 pm
2659BugIn ProgressNormalentries with no location show up in middle of the mapharlo11/26/2013 04:50 pm
2657TaskIn ProgressHighextend Micke's surface grabber interface to generate informa-infused mediaharlo12/09/2013 03:39 pm
2588BugResolvedNormalFix RuntimeException in, line 243107/10/2015 05:15 pm
2581BugResolvedHighInformaCam v34 unresponsive after entering password (Nexus 4 Android 4.3)07/10/2015 05:14 pm
2579BugResolvedHighInformaCam and EyeWitness not working on Nexus 5 again07/10/2015 05:15 pm
2504BugResolvedNormalhow do i access the site as user or disable login/admin in 08:56 pm
2503BugFeedbackHighadmin setup not workingharlo12/09/2013 03:42 pm
2453FeatureResolvedNormalViewer needs option for admin user/passwordharlo12/03/2013 04:51 pm
2451BugFeedbackHighfile system watching code not running on ubuntu 12.10harlo12/09/2013 03:41 pm
2438BugResolvedHighThumbs aren't actually thumbsharlo07/10/2015 05:15 pm
2417FeatureNewNormalREST path using file extensionharlo11/11/2013 12:08 pm
2416BugFeedbackHighviewer ssl module not foundharlo12/09/2013 03:45 pm
2362BugResolvedHighFix RuntimeException in android.os.AsyncTask$3.done, line 29907/10/2015 05:15 pm
2360BugResolvedNormalGallery filter07/10/2015 05:17 pm
2359FeatureResolvedNormalVideo play should start where the cursor currently isn8fr807/10/2015 05:15 pm
2358BugResolvedNormalFix lang.Exception in info.guardianproject.iocipher.File.exists, line 314n8fr807/10/2015 05:15 pm
2354BugResolvedUrgentFix ConcurrentModificationException in java.util.HashMap$HashIterator.nextEntry, line 80607/10/2015 05:15 pm
2352BugResolvedNormalPulling images from phone gallerymikael07/10/2015 05:16 pm
2347FeatureNewNormalAnnotation - Genderharlo07/10/2015 05:14 pm
2341TaskResolvedNormalmake sure InformaCam public dump file is cleared on logoutharlo04/01/2014 06:42 pm
2340TaskResolvedNormalRun media scanner after intake processharlo04/15/2014 04:17 pm
2339FeatureNewNormaldelete any export files on lock and/or panic11/06/2013 04:14 pm
2334BugResolvedNormalFix SecurityException in, line 1625n8fr807/10/2015 05:15 pm
2330BugResolvedNormalApp should not crash when bad ODK forms are loadedharlo07/10/2015 05:15 pm
2329BugResolvedHighimporting/loading icon on gallery is not showingmikael12/03/2013 04:51 pm
2327BugResolvedNormalFix NullPointerException in org.witness.informacam.models.j3m.ILocation.<init>, line 14n8fr802/21/2014 12:13 am
2326BugResolvedNormalFix RuntimeException in, line 2211n8fr807/10/2015 05:16 pm
2324BugResolvedNormalFix ActivityNotFoundException in, line 1628n8fr811/06/2013 07:22 pm
2322BugResolvedNormalFix RuntimeException in, line 2211n8fr811/06/2013 07:21 pm
2321BugResolvedNormalFix ActivityNotFoundException in 07:20 pm
2320BugResolvedNormalFix ConcurrentModificationException in java.util.HashMap$HashIterator.nextEntry, line 806n8fr807/10/2015 05:16 pm
2305FeatureIn ProgressNormalDashboard: must show result of hash verificationharlo11/10/2013 11:21 pm
2304FeatureResolvedNormalDashboard: individual J3Mview report pages should not crosslink to other reportsharlo12/03/2013 04:51 pm
2299BugResolvedNormalEditor crashed after another app opened a dialog box over itn8fr812/03/2013 04:51 pm
2295BugResolvedNormalTwo concurrent modification bugsn8fr811/04/2013 02:53 am
2292BugResolvedNormalODK IForm numberformat crashn8fr812/03/2013 04:51 pm
2290TaskFeedbackNormalGoogle Drive integrationharlo11/22/2013 03:28 am
2287BugIn ProgressNormalCrash when annotating multiple tags in video.n8fr807/10/2015 05:16 pm
2283BugResolvedHighVideo share/export can hangharlo07/10/2015 05:15 pm
2135BugResolvedNormalButtons in setup not displayed correctly on "old" devicemikael03/06/2016 03:37 pm
2105TaskFeedbackNormalOutfit Cron class to restart informaCam as background serviceharlo01/12/2014 05:06 am
2087TaskNewNormalHome screen proportionsmikael11/06/2013 07:39 pm
2086BugResolvedHighGPS Provider sometimes reports stale locationsharlo07/10/2015 05:16 pm
2027FeatureNewNormalSearch-and-destroy gps-spoofing apps during media captureharlo10/14/2013 06:33 pm
2026TaskResolvedUrgentRebuild FFMpeg with md5 supportn8fr812/03/2013 07:55 pm
2005FeatureResolvedNormalError Checking/ReIndexing Script for J3M Parserharlo11/10/2013 10:15 pm
1999BugFeedbackHighVideo annotation is BUGGYharlo07/10/2015 05:16 pm
1848FeatureNewHighNeed to deal with large video filesbryanesque11/05/2013 09:52 pm
1767FeatureNewLowPassword field font color 09/10/2013 07:14 pm
1766BugNewNormalVideo never finishes processing in build 1509/10/2013 07:14 pm
1648FeatureNewHighNotary support in Core / ICTDharlo11/06/2013 04:32 pm
1637TaskIn ProgressNormalMake sure "createdOnDevice" works across installsharlo11/06/2013 04:18 pm
1531TaskNewNormalIBA: add to analyzer API to support structured data queries on form data08/20/2013 07:06 pm
1529TaskNewNormalIBA: Define common standard for form type identifiers in J3M08/20/2013 07:06 pm
887FeatureNewNormalAllow for extracts of or the original transmission to be posted on public networks like YouTubeharlo08/20/2013 07:01 pm
883FeatureNewNormalProvide ability to prioritise transmissionsharlo08/20/2013 07:00 pm
882FeatureNewNormalProvide ability to add, categorise and prioritise notesblmak08/20/2013 07:00 pm
881FeatureNewNormalMaintain log of all access to and actions in the systemblmak08/20/2013 07:00 pm
873FeatureResolvedNormalDatabase - e. Provides / facilitates searching and reportingharlo12/03/2013 07:58 pm
872FeatureNewNormalDatabase - d. Allows categorizationblmak08/20/2013 07:10 pm
871FeatureNewNormalDatabase - c. Allows annotationsblmak08/20/2013 07:10 pm
866FeatureNewNormalSignal receipt back to originator, via ‘Onion tor’harlo11/06/2013 04:18 pm
340BugNewNormalCrash when recording video on TMobile G2X on less than full resolutionn8fr809/10/2013 07:26 pm
218FeatureNewNormalGPG for Informacam (pinentry, what else?)harlo03/12/2013 04:23 pm
18FeatureNewNormaladd mDNS / bonjour listener sensor support02/21/2013 03:01 pm
17FeatureResolvedNormaladd temperature sensor supportharlo11/04/2013 02:54 am
16FeatureNewLowCreate our own still and video recording activity / view (aka Camera)02/20/2013 03:50 am
832TaskNewNormalYemen User Testingbryanesque08/20/2013 06:59 pm03/15/2013
1663BugResolvedHighCacheWord time out crashing?harlo12/03/2013 04:51 pm09/22/2013
2364BugResolvedHighFix RuntimeException in, line 2790mikael07/10/2015 05:15 pm11/14/2013
2286FeatureIn ProgressNormalSupport J3M TXT file intake on dashboardharlo11/10/2013 10:15 pm11/15/2013
3831FeatureNewNormalImplement native/NDK SHA-1 functionhans07/10/2015 06:19 pm10/17/2014

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