Meeting Notes - Monday May 18 2005

[13:26:08] <n8fr8_> okay amoghbl1, i am here now. let's just do an IRC meeting today.
[13:26:16] <-> You are now known as n8fr8
[13:26:24] <amoghbl1> OK
[13:26:26] <n8fr8> so, I don't see any updates posted the tickets or project:
[13:26:33] <n8fr8> can you do that today with anything you share here?
[13:26:54] <amoghbl1> I'll update those, haven't kept that up!
[13:27:07] <n8fr8> let's get off to a good start there :)
[13:27:18] <amoghbl1> I've been building the repo, with our mozconfig but on the tbb repo
[13:27:23] <amoghbl1> I have an apk ready
[13:27:43] <amoghbl1> But it seems to crash, I don't know what exactly the problem is, so I've been looking into that mainly
[13:27:56] <n8fr8> okay. can you post it to: ?
[13:27:59] <n8fr8> so i can try it on some devices?
[13:28:08] <n8fr8> have you tested on both ANdroid 4 and 5?
[13:28:20] <amoghbl1> Doing that now...
[13:28:29] <amoghbl1> I don't have an android 4 device :/
[13:28:50] <amoghbl1> So just on my 5, that could be the problem actually
[13:29:00] <amoghbl1> Posting the apk now, test it out...
[13:29:06] <n8fr8> there might be one at the office. when you are there, ask hans.
[13:29:23] <n8fr8> otherwise, i have a bunch.
[13:29:32] <n8fr8> can you get stack traces from the crash?
[13:29:38] <amoghbl1> I'm here right now...
[13:30:05] <amoghbl1> Ya, I've got the trace, lemme post that as well
[13:32:03] <n8fr8> post that as bug ticket
[13:32:07] <n8fr8> or a gist i suppose... either way
[13:32:32] <n8fr8> also amoghbl1 i think we can order a moto G for testing on this as well... or some low-cost Android 4.x device
[13:33:10] <amoghbl1> Lemme look around the office for a device, if I don't find one, then we could order it I guess!
[13:35:04] <amoghbl1> These builds are going to take some while as well, about an hour each time :/
[13:35:17] <n8fr8> yeah... that is the worst part
[13:35:25] <n8fr8> doesn't it get faster though once part of it is built?
[13:35:39] <n8fr8> like if you just change a small part of the mozconfig, does it recompile everything?
[13:35:53] <n8fr8> so you are using our old mozconfig?
[13:35:57] <amoghbl1> No, it doesn't recompile everything...
[13:36:19] <n8fr8> i wonder if you should start with the Tor mozconfig
[13:36:25] <n8fr8> and then modify it for mobile?
[13:36:26] <amoghbl1> Yup, the old mozconfig, produced an apk, but I think there was some problem with libraries with that one..
[13:36:33] <amoghbl1> Exactly, that's what I've done now
[13:36:42] <amoghbl1> And it's almost done building...
[13:36:57] <amoghbl1> It's been going on for 50 mins...
[13:38:03] <amoghbl1> If I just wanna write notes about what I'm doing, where should I upload those n8fr8 ?
[13:38:14] <n8fr8> put them on the project wiki
[13:38:23] <n8fr8>
[13:38:29] <n8fr8> don't attach them... create a new wiki page
[13:38:39] <amoghbl1> ok, I'll write up a short report on week one and put it there?
[13:39:28] <n8fr8> weekly reports should be posted as "News"
[13:39:33] <n8fr8> it is like the project blog
[13:39:51] <n8fr8> for documentation or notes that are less chronogical, and longer put them on the wiki
[13:39:57] <n8fr8> you can link from weekly reports to the wiki
[13:40:02] <n8fr8> i just created a new wiki subsection for you:
[13:43:05] <amoghbl1> Did you get the file I just uploaded?
[13:43:36] <amoghbl1>
[13:49:16] <n8fr8> i will get it now
[13:51:51] <n8fr8> amoghbl1: so i am running on moto G with Android 4.4.
[13:51:57] <n8fr8> it started up, and then crashed about 1 second after
[13:52:11] <amoghbl1> Yup, I get the same results
[13:52:49] <krt> n8fr8: gilgamesh came in pretty handy today, so thanks for doing that :)
[13:52:57] <n8fr8> StrictMode policy violation; ~duration=211 ms: android.os.StrictMode$StrictModeDiskReadViolation: policy=31 violation=2
[13:53:12] <n8fr8> krt: cool! we used it over the weekend at the windfarm0 event, and it worked pretty well tehre tooo
[13:53:44] <n8fr8>
[13:55:07] <n8fr8> amoghbl1:
[13:55:10] <n8fr8> that is the crash i am seeing
[13:55:11] <n8fr8> strange
[13:55:58] <amoghbl1> Yup, I have the same thing...
[13:56:32] <n8fr8> actually that is not the crash i don't think
[13:56:33] <n8fr8> hmm
[13:56:54] <amoghbl1> OK, I've got an updated apk, built off of a new mozconfig...
[13:56:57] <amoghbl1> Wanna try that out?
[13:56:59] <amoghbl1> Uploading now
[13:57:15] <n8fr8> the crash seems to be later with native code
[13:57:19] <n8fr8> libmozglue
[13:58:17] <n8fr8>
[13:58:25] <n8fr8> sure amoghbl1 i can test
[13:58:37] <amoghbl1> OK, this is weirder, it seems to have produced a 428MB apk :O
[13:58:59] <n8fr8> uh oh
[13:59:08] <n8fr8> i don't think i want to install that
[13:59:13] <amoghbl1> How is that possible o.O
[13:59:27] <amoghbl1> There's something wrong with the mozconfig I guess!
[13:59:43] <n8fr8> so this is the mozconfig from Tor?
[13:59:54] <n8fr8> did you modify it with the proper mobile config lines?
[14:01:19] <amoghbl1> Its a proper apk apparently, it's installed fine on my phone, an runs too
[14:01:23] <amoghbl1> gimme a sec
[14:02:27] <n8fr8> perhaps debug data in it?
[14:03:10] <amoghbl1> ya, reading logs now...
[14:04:26] <amoghbl1>
[14:04:34] <amoghbl1> There's the mozconfig I'm using now
[14:05:04] <amoghbl1> The app doesn't crash, but it loads nothing
[14:08:37] <amoghbl1> Telemetry seems broken, keeps returning null, that's what the log says
[14:09:55] <amoghbl1> you're right n8fr8, the strict mode violation seems to happen here too, but doesn't result in a crash
[14:11:09] <n8fr8> maybe comment out some of the things that are disabled?
[14:11:15] <n8fr8> one at a time, rebuild, then try again?
[14:11:26] <n8fr8> you do have orbot running?
[14:11:46] <amoghbl1> Ya I do...
[14:11:49] <n8fr8> also rememebr... tor browser now has tor binary built in somewhere
[14:12:00] <n8fr8> we need to figure out where that code is, and where the torrc config happens
[14:12:08] <n8fr8> so we can set it the orbot socks port, etc
[14:12:26] <n8fr8> we might need to ask mikeperry about this on tor-dev
[14:12:29] <n8fr8> #tor-dev on oftc
[14:12:56] <amoghbl1> I've marked my gist with a comment
[14:13:02] <amoghbl1> With my error log...
[14:13:06] <amoghbl1>
[14:22:59] <amoghbl1> Rebuilding with an updated mozconfig now, let's see what happens then n8fr8, talk to you back in an hour then?
[14:36:50] <n8fr8> sure, amoghbl1 i am just working through email lulz
[15:07:25] <n8fr8> i guess we stumbled into the tor-browser meeting amoghbl1!
[15:07:30] <n8fr8> that is good to know... good timing with our meeting! :)
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[16:16:12] <amoghbl1> n8fr8, well, there's some good news, I got a build that is of a decent size but it crashes after a second
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[16:45:07] <n8fr8> okay, amoghbl1. let's try to drill down to the specifics of the crash, and share with the tor-browser team once you have something posted as a ticket or written up somewhere
[16:51:15] [gpgithub] [ChatSecureAndroid] n8fr8 pushed 3 new commits to master:
[16:51:15] [gpgithub] ChatSecureAndroid/master 448a7b2 n8fr8: simplify, clean-up handling of network connectivity state and improve notifications
[16:51:15] [gpgithub] ChatSecureAndroid/master 767cb2a n8fr8: update notificaiton with proper intent
[16:51:15] [gpgithub] ChatSecureAndroid/master a7c72d9 n8fr8: Merge pull request #678 from n8fr8/bug-fix-network-state...
[16:51:15] <-- gpgithub (~gpgithub@ has left #guardianproject
[16:59:21] <amoghbl1> I got it building and running on 5 n8fr8
[17:03:45] <n8fr8> what changed?
[17:03:46] <amoghbl1> by 5 I mean android 5
[17:04:31] <amoghbl1> I went to the firefox irc and spoke to a person there
[17:04:45] <amoghbl1> I got a patch from there
[17:05:27] <amoghbl1> Lemme write something up
[17:08:27] <n8fr8> great
[17:14:49] <amoghbl1> n8fr8,
[17:16:00] <n8fr8> can you post a new APK so i can try here?
[17:16:09] <n8fr8> i would also add that mozconfig file into our repo
[17:16:21] <n8fr8>
[17:16:28] <amoghbl1> Yup, I'm uploading it as we speak
[17:16:55] <n8fr8> great. we need to update the external submodule address as well to point to the tor-browser repo at the proper commit
[17:16:58] <amoghbl1> I'll commit and push it to my repo and open a pull request
[17:17:09] <amoghbl1> Yup, I'll do that as well

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