• Core Apps

    Parent project for all our core applications for proxying, securing, authenticating, and otherwise rocking out.

    • Bazaar

      Sharing apps far and wide!

    • ChatSecure:Android

      ChatSecure:Android (formerly Gibberbot) is a secured chat client capable of firewall and filter circumvention, surveillance blocking and end-to-end encryption.

    • KeySync

      Syncs all of your OTR chat trust relationships (aka keys and fingerprints)

    • Orfox Private Browser

      Firefox/Tor Browser based mobile browser

    • Orweb

      Privacy+Proxy Browser

  • Developer Libraries

    overarching project for all our libs efforts

    • CacheWord

      CacheWord is an Android library project for passphrase caching and management. It helps app developers securely generate, store, and access secrets derived from a user's passphrase.

    • NetCipher

      NetCipher is a library for Android that provides multiple means to improve
      network security in mobile applications.

    • Panic

      PanicLib developer framework
      aka InTheClear aka PoisonPill

    • Trusted Intents

      This is a library for flexible trusted interactions between Android apps. It is modeled after Android's `signature` protection level for permissions. The key difference is that the framework allows the trusted signature to be set, rather than requiring to match the current app's signature....

      • Checkey

        Checkey is a utility for getting information about the APKs that are installed on your device. Starting with a list of all of the apps that you have installed on your device, it will show you the APK signature with a single touch, and provides links to and to easily access the profiles of that APK. It will also let you export the signing certificate and generate ApkSignaturePin pin files for use with the TrustedIntents library....

  • Libreo

    LiBro aka the FreeBook aka the Little Brother

    The Libro is an affordable, low-cost companion device, designed to defend the privacy of its user. It has no camera or microphone, and so cannot be used as an unwitting surveillance tool. It utilizes a streamlined, locked-down version of Android, that includes no closed-source applications or links to Google, Amazon or other corporate account. It utilizes full-disk encryption, built-in firewalls, and other secure by design features. Finally, it comes stock with the full suite of Guardian Project applications and add-ons, for secure communications and information access, including support for Tor, Off-the-Record Encryption, and a full Debian OS subsystem. The Libro can be used on traditional internet-enabled wifi access points, as well as mesh network settings, where the network is not trusted or available....

  • Spidey

    Civic Media: Collaborative Design Studio
    A partnership Between The ACLU, Guardian Project, and CMS.362 Students

    IMSI-catcher or Stingray device detector blurb.

  • StoryMakerâ„¢

    StoryMaker - Make your story great

    2011 highlighted the role citizen journalists in conflict areas can play in the way the international community understands these events. Despite their importance, it remained difficult to find the videos they produced, beyond shaky clips on the broadcast news or the occasional high profile livestream. Furthermore, their images and sounds typically created awareness, without increasing understanding. While locals may know best, that doesn't mean they are currently best able to communicate it. Traditional media training programs exist, but are not able to effectively operate on internet scale, and typical do not include the type of mobile technologies and social media tools necessary in this age....

Also available in: Atom