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Current build problems
Added by amoghbl1 over 2 years ago

The currently build apk I have is build on the tor-browser-31.7.0esr-5.0-1 branch of tor-browser repo. I have also applied a patch over it(attached here).
This apk runs fine on my android 5 nexus 6 but does not load anything and the logcat looks like the file attached here.

Next, we need to debug why there is no content being displayed on the app.

mozconfig_and_bug_1032460.patch Magnifier (2.56 KB) amoghbl1, 05/18/2015 09:10 pm

logcat.txt Magnifier - Logcat output, doesn't load anything (31.2 KB) amoghbl1, 05/18/2015 09:13 pm