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Toggle_check # Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Due date
8575BugNewNormalCourier01/12/2018 02:40 am
8574BugNewNormalExtension infiltration (revised)Anonymous01/11/2018 05:10 pm
8572BugNewNormalOrobot VPN doesnt work perfectly in UAEAnonymous01/07/2018 06:39 pm
8570BugNewLowNavigating to one of your partner sites. "Your connection is not private"01/05/2018 06:58 pm
8569BugNewNormalRun01/04/2018 09:19 am
8567BugNewHighOrfox won't allow to download media content01/03/2018 11:29 pm
8564BugNewNormalHack's12/31/2017 03:51 pm
8560BugNewNormalfotos 12/29/2017 10:35 am
8556BugNewNormalcourier crashes12/22/2017 04:28 pm
8555TaskNewHighOrfox ignores proxy when loading favicons12/21/2017 02:07 pm
8551BugNewNormalOrfox new version not recognized as Tor Browser12/15/2017 06:21 pm
8548BugNewNormal?????12/13/2017 10:50 pm
8547BugNewNormalOrbot stuck on starting!12/12/2017 11:52 pm
8543BugNewNormalOrbot android aop not working, log in description12/10/2017 08:30 pm
8538BugNewNormalOrbot 15.5.1-RC-2-multi-SDK23 drains battery12/25/2017 08:52 am
8537BugNewHighOrbot over VPN12/06/2017 02:29 am
8536BugNewHighProxy refusing connectionsAnonymous12/05/2017 08:05 am
8530BugNewImmediateLast update12/01/2017 02:06 am
8522TaskNewNormalFlash11/19/2017 01:12 pm
8518BugNewNormalHacker11/16/2017 04:33 am
8517BugNewNormalJust trying too join 11/16/2017 04:32 am
8516BugNewNormalHacker11/16/2017 04:29 am
8515BugNewNormalHacker11/16/2017 04:27 am
8513BugNewNormalit doesn't work11/14/2017 01:20 am
8512TaskNewNormalOrbot won't connectAnonymous11/13/2017 09:58 pm
8510BugNewImmediateCaptcha doesn't work11/03/2017 12:10 am
8508BugNewNormalasiaa10/30/2017 11:32 pm
8504BugNewNormalVideo playback10/28/2017 03:39 am
8502BugNewImmediateLatest Orbot not working with bridges10/25/2017 10:26 pm
8500BugNewNormalShowing ''proxy server is refusing connections''while using orbot10/23/2017 09:43 am
8495TaskNewNormalRe10/21/2017 04:23 pm
8494BugNewImmediateCan't connect to the web10/21/2017 04:23 pm
8485BugNewHighOrfox shutting down just after it started with orbot activated or not10/14/2017 02:04 pm
8475BugNewImmediatetor hidden servicesAnonymous10/06/2017 09:30 pm
8471BugNewNormalHTTPS Everywhere not installed with 1.4RC3n8fr810/02/2017 12:00 am
8470BugNewNormalTor Orfox extension not installed on upgraden8fr810/01/2017 11:58 pm
8469BugNewHighNoScript stuck on Easy Blacklist since in 1.4beta&RCn8fr810/01/2017 11:54 pm
8468TaskResolvedNormalXPCOMInit.cpp crashes app10/01/2017 01:35 pm
8467BugNewNormalOrbot Stuck on " orbot is starting"09/21/2017 09:55 pm
8465BugNewImmediateOrbot shuts off frequently, leaks dns when wifi disconnects09/18/2017 01:10 pm
8464BugNewNormalOrfox doesn't offer to save passwords despite being set to09/17/2017 07:01 pm
8462BugNewNormalExtension infiltration (revised)Anonymous09/15/2017 01:46 am
8461BugNewNormalExtension infiltrationAnonymous09/15/2017 01:16 am
8460BugNewHighOrbot recently began disconnecting vy late every night...09/14/2017 09:09 pm
8457TaskNewHighdead link & something09/13/2017 05:49 am
8455BugNewImmediateCopy and paste feature is not working at all or acting really weird! I am sure there is a problem here!!!!!!!09/10/2017 02:07 pm
8454BugNewUrgentCopy and paste feature is not working at all or acting really weird! I am sure there is a problem here!!!!!!!09/10/2017 01:58 pm
8453BugNewImmediateCopy and paste feature is not working at all or acting really weird! I am sure there is a problem here!!!!!!!Anonymous09/10/2017 01:54 pm
8452BugNewImmediateCopy and paste feature is not working at all or acting really weird! I am sure there is a problem here!!!!!!!Anonymous09/10/2017 01:50 pm
8450BugNewImmediateNo pages will load09/08/2017 08:10 am
8447BugNewNormalchat secure09/04/2017 01:47 am
8446BugNewHighchat secure09/04/2017 01:43 am
8444BugNewNormalOrfox discloses device OS version in appVersion property09/01/2017 04:32 pm
8443BugNewNormalOrfox does not prevent WebGL fingerprinting09/01/2017 04:07 pm
8441BugNewNormalOrfox08/30/2017 05:53 am
8439BugNewUrgentLanguages doesn't saved !Anonymous08/27/2017 05:48 pm
8438FeatureNewImmediateLanguagesAnonymous08/27/2017 05:44 pm
8437BugNewNormalIssues with Orbot08/26/2017 07:34 pm
8435TaskNewUrgenthej. jag har intensiv varit så här. jag har inte varit så här. jag har inte varit så här. jag har inte Anonymous08/23/2017 09:51 pm
8433TaskNewNormalSverige 08/23/2017 09:42 pm
8432TaskNewNormalSverige 08/23/2017 09:41 pm
8431FeatureNewHighvi amoghbl108/23/2017 09:22 pm
8430TaskResolvedNormalXPCOMInit.cpp crashes app08/23/2017 09:16 pm
8429BugNewNormalGuardian Project F-Droid repo does not have latest Orfox08/21/2017 08:53 pm
8425BugNewNormalOrfox RC - NoScript: cannot whitelist single websites08/18/2017 12:01 am
8423BugNewNormalOrbot localizzazione bug08/17/2017 02:05 pm
8420BugNewNormalOrbot is deactivated. Unable to add commands to a closed shell08/14/2017 04:17 am
8417BugNewNormalAccept-Language "leak"08/12/2017 01:38 pm
8416BugNewHighOrfox v1.4 RC-3 saves recent tabs08/12/2017 01:30 pm popup08/12/2017 12:17 pm
8407BugNewNormalOrfox-v1.4-beta3: NoScript settings not persistent...08/09/2017 06:51 am
8405BugNewNormalAfter Update not workung properly08/08/2017 07:45 pm
8404BugNewNormalOrfox-v1.4-RC3 now select text to copy/past/search is more difficult08/08/2017 06:53 am
8403BugNewNormalapp suddenly quits08/07/2017 10:23 am
8402BugNewUrgentApp suddenly quits when Tor check is run08/07/2017 10:18 am
8401BugNewImmediateorfox browser08/07/2017 01:20 am
8400BugNewImmediateLast update (addendum)08/06/2017 02:36 pm
8399BugNewImmediateLast update08/06/2017 02:28 pm
8398BugNewNormalOrfox won't open after installing Firefox08/06/2017 05:17 am
8397BugNewUrgentprobably same as 8395 & 839608/05/2017 06:44 pm
8396BugNewHighUpdate on 8-5 App closes after launch08/05/2017 05:46 pm
8395BugNewNormalAfter 8/4 update, Orfox minimizes itself after a few seconds and won't re-open08/04/2017 08:21 pm
8394BugNewHighOrfox ignores proxy when loading favicons08/04/2017 05:50 pm
8393BugNewHighOrfox-v1.4-beta3 default search engine is Google, notizie duckduckgo08/03/2017 06:48 am
8391BugNewNormalApps VPN mode08/01/2017 07:53 pm
8390BugNewImmediateOSTN offline for 2 weeks07/30/2017 05:35 pm
8389BugNewNormalOnline Mobile security training07/29/2017 06:13 pm
8385BugNewImmediateReCaptcha now doesn't work at all, isn't time to fix it?07/28/2017 02:22 pm
8384BugNewImmediateKeyboard doesn't get "displayed" on CM1307/28/2017 02:19 pm
8383BugNewNormalXxx07/28/2017 02:16 pm
8382BugNewHighOrfox remembering search results if user clicks duckduckgo icon07/28/2017 02:15 pm
8381TaskNewHighPRIVACY & SECURITY: Unable to connect with XMPP servers that require use of strong ciphers that support forward secrecyAnonymous07/28/2017 02:09 pm
8380BugNewNormal14.1.4-PIE missing from Guardian Project official repository07/28/2017 11:12 am
8379FeatureNewLowSave Orbot SettingsAnonymous07/28/2017 11:07 am
8378FeatureNewNormalSelectively Activate TOR Node Based On Network Connection07/28/2017 11:05 am
8374BugNewUrgentOstel offline07/26/2017 10:24 am
8373TaskNewNormaltranslate07/25/2017 10:35 pm
8371BugNewNormalostel.co07/23/2017 06:47 pm
8370BugNewHighFailure to load webpages 07/22/2017 10:42 pm
8369BugNewNormalBeauty dress for women07/22/2017 07:55 am
8367BugNewNormalOStel07/21/2017 11:07 am
8366BugIn ProgressNormalIf I am on 'safest' mode and switch back to 'standard' mode I still can't load site with javascriptn8fr807/21/2017 01:41 am
8365BugNewNormalPages not loading properly07/18/2017 05:38 pm
8364FeatureNewNormalImport custom onion key07/18/2017 12:01 pm
8361FeatureNewNormalvpn dns changer & firewall07/15/2017 06:48 pm
8355BugNewHighOrbot overwrites specified Exit Nodes with "{CA}" after app restart07/09/2017 12:18 am
8353BugNewNormalFail to connect07/08/2017 08:52 pm
8352BugNewImmediateOrbot Stuck on " orbot is starting"Anonymous07/08/2017 06:56 pm
8351BugNewImmediateOrbot Stuck on " orbot is starting"07/08/2017 06:53 pm
8350BugNewImmediateOrbot Stuck on " orbot is starting"07/07/2017 11:12 pm
8349BugNewNormalOrbot not working07/07/2017 11:09 pm
8347BugNewLowTypo on websiteAnonymous07/02/2017 09:14 pm
8346BugNewImmediateOrbot wants access rights to Device ID & call information07/02/2017 11:04 am sip service is down07/18/2017 03:50 pm
8331BugResolvedNormal'offline message' lostn8fr806/19/2017 01:31 pm
8330TaskNewNormalget ssh public keys from launchpad using ssh-import-idAnonymous06/19/2017 08:28 am
8328BugNewNormalOrfox reveals my actual location to websites06/17/2017 03:13 am
8326FeatureNewImmediatePay for.hobby software06/15/2017 12:10 am
8321BugNewNormalYou Whole Part Of Emotions Is Understood By Packers Movers Hyderabad06/10/2017 10:35 am
8319BugNewNormalInstant Crash on Android 7 Nougat06/07/2017 08:23 am
8317BugNewLowYour site 06/05/2017 01:00 pm
8316FeatureNewImmediateSuper user06/05/2017 12:32 pm
8314FeatureNewNormalProxy Server is Refusing Connections06/03/2017 12:07 am
8313FeatureNewNormalProxy Server is Refusing Connections06/03/2017 12:06 am
8308TaskResolvedNormalXPCOMInit.cpp crashes appamoghbl106/01/2017 05:50 am
8307TaskResolvedLownsXREDirProvider.cpp crashes appamoghbl106/01/2017 05:50 am
8299BugNewNormalwhy is orfox asking me for so much authorisations ?05/27/2017 12:15 pm
8298BugNewNormalwhy is orfo 05/27/2017 12:10 pm
8297TaskNewHighhow best to handle multiple public remote keys, fingerprints, verified statuses05/27/2017 09:07 am
8294BugNewNormallatest Orweb is not available via F-Droid05/22/2017 03:02 pm
8288BugNewUrgentWindows build tries to create file in developers folder hans05/19/2017 06:26 pm
8284BugNewNormalTo browse 05/17/2017 07:50 pm
8282BugNewNormalHiring Packers And Movers Gurgaon Is Not Much Expensiveprenasharma05/12/2017 01:25 pm
8281TaskNewNormalPackers And Movers Bangalore | Get Free Quotes | Compare and Save05/12/2017 11:10 am
8271BugNewNormalHTTPSanywhere is missing05/05/2017 05:07 am
8270BugNewHighOrfox remembering search results if user clicks duckduckgo icon05/04/2017 07:11 pm
8266TaskNewNormalB7 C2 EE FD 8D AC 78 06 AF 67 DF CD 92 EB 18 12 6B C0 83 12 A7 F2 D6 F3 86 2E 46 01 3C 7A 61 05/03/2017 04:57 am
8262BugNewNormalCloudflare captcha lässt sich nicht absenden04/28/2017 02:12 am
8261BugNewNormalUnable to open GnuPrivacyGuard on CopperheadOS04/27/2017 05:14 am
8259FeatureNewHighPort TorButton to android and includeamoghbl104/25/2017 12:58 pm
8257BugNewNormalOrfox search - Set different search engine04/23/2017 07:09 am
8254BugNewNormalDo not reuse circuits for cross origin requests04/20/2017 04:52 pm
8253BugNewNormalXxx04/20/2017 07:33 am
8252BugNewNormalSofilia04/20/2017 07:32 am
8244BugNewNormalIs ScanGuard an Issue in 2017 and Beyond?04/15/2017 10:58 am
8243TaskResolvedNormalXPCOMInit.cpp crashes app04/14/2017 11:28 pm
8242TaskNewLownsXREDirProvider.cpp crashes appamoghbl104/14/2017 11:28 pm
8231BugNewNormalMac OS X app exits with error code: 255hans04/07/2017 07:14 am
8230FeatureNewNormalOrbot + NetGuard04/02/2017 12:31 am
8228BugNewHighChatSecure for Android can't connect to self-hosted ejabberd/XMPP server03/31/2017 02:50 am
8224BugNewNormalUpdate official F-Droid03/29/2017 06:33 am
8218BugNewHighChatSecure for Android can't connect to self-hosted ejabberd/XMPP server03/19/2017 07:36 am
8217BugNewHighDoesn't work03/17/2017 08:53 pm
8215BugNewNormalWebsite: wrong link to K-9 mail app03/12/2017 02:13 pm
8214BugNewNormalOrbot will not work03/11/2017 04:40 pm
8213BugNewNormal?03/10/2017 08:39 pm
8212FeatureNewNormalCan the NoScript Add-in be reinstalled after its been uninstalled?03/10/2017 06:56 pm
8207TaskNewHighPRIVACY & SECURITY: Unable to connect with XMPP servers that require use of strong ciphers that support forward secrecyAnonymous03/03/2017 01:24 am
8204BugNewNormalProblem with aDownloader app02/27/2017 03:47 pm
8203BugNewNormalTor02/27/2017 05:38 am
8202TaskNewNormalimplement full trust sync with ChatSecure over OTR data 02/26/2017 01:21 pm
8199BugNewNormalOrbot suddenly doesn't work02/26/2017 09:36 am
8195BugNewNormalorfox partly bypasses torbot 02/22/2017 11:11 pm
8192BugNewNormal???????????????02/20/2017 06:19 am
8188BugNewNormalsave image still doesn't work02/17/2017 12:48 pm connectivity, blog response02/17/2017 07:22 am
8182BugNewNormalprobvanevery02/13/2017 10:54 am
8179BugNewNormalReviews Provide A Hand To Choose The Reliable Company For Shifting02/11/2017 08:21 am
8175FeatureNewNormalfirefox02/09/2017 05:44 am
8173FeatureNewNormalfirefox02/08/2017 11:15 am
8171BugNewNormal#817002/08/2017 08:42 am
8170BugNewNormalmuh02/08/2017 08:41 am
8169BugNewHighOrfox ignores proxy when loading favicons02/08/2017 08:40 am
8168FeatureNewHighPort TorButton to android and includeamoghbl102/08/2017 08:09 am
8157BugNewNormalNo downloads saving01/30/2017 11:37 pm
8146BugIn ProgressNormalfedora python-pymtp package needs updateabeluck01/18/2017 07:54 am
8145BugNewNormalOrbot wakes up phone screen periodically while connected (in app vpn mode?).01/17/2017 05:42 pm
8134BugNewImmediateI can hear the videos but i cant seeAnonymous01/08/2017 11:34 pm
8131BugNewNormalOrfox crashes when typing an URL01/08/2017 05:14 pm
8130BugNewNormalnewTORsec.01/07/2017 12:43 am
8126BugNewHighOrfox is still loading favicons when image load is disabled in settings01/03/2017 01:46 pm
8118BugNewNormalOrfox 1.212/27/2016 05:13 am
8109BugNewHighORFOX SHUTTING DOWNAnonymous12/20/2016 08:25 pm
8108BugNewHighOrbot on Copperhead OS not working properly12/19/2016 01:49 pm
8106TaskNewNormalPackers And Movers hyderabad Organizations @ Packersmovers.Top12/17/2016 07:34 am
8105BugNewHighOrfox ignores proxy when loading favicons12/15/2016 08:09 pm
8104BugNewNormalOrfox shutting down12/15/2016 07:54 pm
8086TaskNewNormalRenewal of the Tutorials12/11/2016 06:04 pm doesn't provide the latest Orbot release12/10/2016 03:18 pm
8071BugNewHighORBOT doesn't work anymore12/08/2016 05:05 pm
8070TaskNewNormalNot available on Fdroid any more...12/08/2016 09:51 am
8068BugNewNormalwebgl12/07/2016 02:13 pm
8064BugNewNormalOSX cant find Android12/04/2016 04:20 am
8062BugNewHighLack of security slider makes it too easy to fingerprint e.g. disabling JS/canvas/etc12/16/2016 09:29 pm
8059FeatureNewNormalBest Services Of Packing And Shifting Now In Your Hyderabad12/01/2016 07:47 am
8055BugNewNormalYou don't have permission to access "" on this server. Reference #18.f7b874e.1480519528.6a80f62Anonymous11/30/2016 03:45 pm
8050BugNewNormalCiber thieftAnonymous11/28/2016 06:53 am
8048BugNewNormalSex porn movie dirty Pussy bitchs11/26/2016 05:30 pm
8039BugNewImmediateDriveby exploits in ESR 45.4 with images enabled. Please, please update to 45.511/30/2016 07:50 am
8038BugNewNormalOrbot does not stop05/21/2017 01:51 pm
8035BugNewHighOrbot consistently hangs on a Priv. 11/16/2016 01:17 am
8032BugNewHighCrash in parser/renderer, hopefully without memory corruption? Orfox-1.2release11/14/2016 06:14 pm
8031BugNewUrgentMMS doesn't work (minor issue with the include/exclude app list)11/14/2016 02:16 pm
8020BugNewNormalBugged tickboxes in App VPN mode11/04/2016 01:27 am
8019BugNewNormaltor app for android current version not starting11/04/2016 12:44 am
8018BugNewNormalWas just working 11/03/2016 08:49 pm
8017BugNewNormalnewTORsec.11/03/2016 09:23 am
8016BugNewNormalTORsec.11/03/2016 09:21 am
8015BugNewNormalApp crashes when trying to send attachments or taking pictures11/03/2016 09:20 am
8013BugNewNormalTor on android 4.4.2 not anymore working after latest update 10/31/2016 07:30 am
8004BugNewNormalOstel phone dialerAnonymous10/26/2016 11:34 pm
7998BugNewNormalorbot will not close10/19/2016 02:01 pm
7995BugNewNormalConnections do not close even after cancelling or closing tab11/07/2016 01:25 pm
7990BugNewNormalOnline mobile security training video requires sign in on youtubeAnonymous10/15/2016 12:45 pm
7988BugNewHighFacebook account hacksAnonymous10/14/2016 12:54 pm
7986BugIn ProgressNormalon uninstall/install, Orbot cannot kill processes left runninghans10/12/2016 06:58 pm
7985BugIn ProgressNormalon uninstall/install, Orbot cannot kill processes left runninghans10/12/2016 05:47 pm
7984BugNewNormalOrfox 1.2: identity.fxaccounts.remote.webchannel.uri set to "" induces partial freeze10/12/2016 02:49 pm
7983BugNewNormalHelp10/12/2016 02:16 pm
7981BugNewNormalTOR Started but no tunnel10/12/2016 05:18 am
7977BugNewNormalNo puedo navegar10/10/2016 02:58 pm
7973BugNewNormalThe README should list all the XEPs supported by ChatSecure10/08/2016 06:55 pm
7968BugNewNormalcrashing or locking up10/05/2016 01:52 am
7965BugNewNormalUnable to detect Orbot in Android 710/02/2016 10:45 pm
7964BugNewNormalESR45 regression; "Request Desktop Site" doesn't work anymore10/02/2016 06:59 pm
7962BugNewHighCrash in parser/renderer, hopefully without memory corruption? Orfox-1.2release10/01/2016 07:38 pm
7961BugNewHighCrash in parser/renderer, hopefully without memory corruption? Orfox-1.2release10/01/2016 07:38 pm
7953BugNewNormalCheckey09/29/2016 09:49 am
7952BugNewHighRemove or fix privacy UI that may mislead users09/28/2016 12:05 pm
7949BugNewHighFDroid veresion outdated09/27/2016 02:01 pm
7944BugNewNormalSharing Feed through Bluetooth sends a bad link09/24/2016 02:12 pm
7943BugNewNormal?? ???????? ???09/24/2016 07:51 am
7940BugNewLowWindows: Should use %purplehome% rather than %appdata% for the pidgin home folder.09/23/2016 08:10 pm
7932BugNewLowName in F-Droid09/20/2016 08:51 am
7922FeatureNewNormalPackers And Movers In Bangalore For The Best Relocation EverAnaviSH04/29/2017 08:27 pm
7921BugNewNormalShould not work in Android Studio09/16/2016 07:33 am
7920BugNewNormalSpecial Shifting Services For Special People Like You - Packers And Movers Bangalore09/16/2016 07:32 am
7907FeatureNewNormalAdd version info component09/12/2016 12:11 pm
7905BugNewNormalorfox doesn't open using asus tablet09/11/2016 07:27 am
7904BugNewNormalorfox doesn't open using asus tablet09/11/2016 07:25 am
7900BugNewNormalcourier reader force close09/09/2016 06:55 pm
7881BugNewNormalOrbot cycles on and off with update to Android 708/31/2016 02:10 am
7875BugNewNormalApp crashes when trying to send attachments or taking pictures08/28/2016 08:17 pm
7873BugNewNormalOrbot08/27/2016 10:20 am
7870BugNewNormalYour website08/26/2016 05:57 pm
7863BugNewImmediateNeed to be worked on alot08/25/2016 06:37 pm
7855BugNewLowTypo on websiteAnonymous08/22/2016 06:24 pm
7847BugNewNormalOrfox08/17/2016 06:20 am
7842BugNewHighPRIVACY & SECURITY: Unable to connect with XMPP servers that require use of strong ciphers that support forward secrecy08/19/2016 02:06 pm
7839BugNewNormalMoving shifting @ 07:58 am

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