The project is UNMAINTAINED, we recommend OpenKeychain. The core porting work has all be included upstream in the official sources. The Android app needs a new maintainer. This could be you! Email us at

Gnu Privacy Guard for Android!

This is part of the PSST Project


Relevant source code

Features we plan to support

Overview of Needed Activities

  • a collection of Activities for seamless integration with other apps
    • act transparently via Intents and returned data
    • only pop UI if user-action is needed (password, choose key, etc)
    • sign/validate emails
    • encrypt/decrypt emails
    • sign/validate files
    • encrypt/decrypt files
    • show trust level
    • generate private key first time
    • sign OpenPGP keys to certify their validity

A list of gnupg features roughly grouped by potential Activity screen:

  • private key view
    • assume single private key
    • should detailed info on scrollable page
    • include QRCode of fingerprint?
    • publish public key with sigs to keyserver
  • key manager view
    • list of public keys
    • view sigs, trust level, etc.
    • select key to sign, etc.
    • sync local keyring with keyservers
  • public key view
    • view certification signatures for any key
    • option to sign this key
  • signing activity
    • QR code display/scanning for keysigning exchanges
    • display randomart image of fingerprint for keysigning exchanges
    • allow easy QR scanning
    • lsign (local-only unexportable) OpenPGP keys
    • publish certification signatures to keyservers
    • email certification signatures to key owner
  • searching and downloading keys
    • if no key in keyring, prompt to search for key
    • preference to automatically search for less privacy concerned users
    • search/download public keys from keyservers
  • contacts integration
    • what does Google sync from custom fields?
    • show key verification status
    • show trust level
    • clickable link into GPG for signing, detail view
  • handling revokation keys
    • automatically generate when generating new private key
    • offer options for remote storage of revokation certificate
    • easy way to copy revoke key to offline storage
  • importing keys
    • import public keys from SD card
    • DO NOT import secret keys from SD card, since its public (use our webdav secure store)

Optional Features

  • display Photo ID images embedded in OpenPGP keys
  • tor proxy support for non-root Tor
  • trust path view
    • generate trust path between private key and current user
  • social graph view aka web of trust degrees

Third Party Code / Libs

Screenshot_2013-06-13-21-06-37.png - gnupg contacts integration screenshot (112 KB) abeluck, 06/13/2013 07:08 pm

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