Bug #3006

Paik integration - fails when ChatSecure is configured with a normal XMPP account

Added by ocdavid almost 4 years ago.

Status:NewStart date:02/25/2014
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Nexus 5 - Paik 1.0.5 and ChatSecure 13.0.7 Android 4.4.2
Nexus 7 - Paik 1.0.5 and ChatSecure 13.1.2 Android 4.4

ChatSecure installed on device and initial configuration regime run to create a new account (Google in my case), then allow ChatSecure to populate buddy list from that account. Leave ChatSecure running. Now install Paik and configure it with language and password. Allow Paik to update its feeds prior to any other actions.

From within Paik, find an article and request to join group discussion. Paik properly requests me to provide an anonymous nickname, but then the "handoff" to ChatSecure fails with the "unfortunately ChatSecure has stopped" dialog.

Second attempt: (a) force stop ChatSecure (and clear cache). Force stop Paik, clear cache, and clear data to go back to pre-configured state. WITHOUT starting ChatSecure, invoke Paik, and run through initial configuration again. Now select an article and attempt to enter group discussion. Same failure as above. Recall state of ChatSecure is that a real XMPP account has been created, but app is not running when the invocation attempt comes from Paik.

Associated revisions

Revision 7c1d3762
Added by n8fr8 over 3 years ago

fixes for Intent bugs #3007 and #3006
improvements in ensuring right account is signed in
and used for connecting to the specific chat service

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