Bug #2839

Cookie whitelist failure & corruption

Added by Anonymous about 4 years ago. Updated almost 3 years ago.

Status:NewStart date:01/03/2014
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Component:Orweb 0.5.1


Orweb v0.5.1

1) "Cookie Whitelist" does not work properly: after Orweb is closed (or crashes, it likes to do that too) all the entries in the whitelist are the same, i.e. they are all reset to ONE of the sites that was in the list, so the list now contain a dozen (or whatever) identical entries. Whitelist sites must be all deleted and re-entered when the browser is started.

2) the dialogue box where one enters site URL's has a default "http://" in it, however if it is left there, or is changed to "https://", the cookies are not whitelisted; instead, I find I must delete the "https://" and simply put "somesite.com" in there for it to work.

3) after the above issues, it sometimes still takes 5 or 10 attempts to access a whitelisted website before the cookies are actually accepted. The first bunch of times the website says "cookies are required....", until eventually the whitelist is effective and the cookie is allowed.


#1 Updated by SevenOfNine about 4 years ago

Rather than be "Anonymous", I have made account and am now logged in. I created this bug report.

#2 Updated by LobzOz almost 3 years ago

Just confirmed this bug in version 0.6.1. Maybe a new issue is in order?

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