(New!) Weekly Dev Report

Added by n8fr8 over 4 years ago

From Harlo

  • build #7 seems to be doing well, although there are still 1 or 2 bugs that I see popping up frequently that I will need to squash
  • the j3mifier is now live! up until today (until i had to switch gears) i've been working on integrating automatic j3m parsing into our submissions workflow. once i return to the project, i'll finish my work there.
  • the server now sends email our when anything interesting happens (i.e. someone submits something, or registers a new device.) let me know if you'd like to receive automated spam from the iwitness server and i'll add you!

From Nathan

  • I am reviewing the latest fixes and updates that have been committed to
    the source tree.
  • We will do quick smoke tests of these, and then produce a new build
    later today or tomorrow.
  • As for the particular issue of media showing up in the Gallery, that
    should not happen if the "Auto-Trash" option was selected in the wizard
    setup or settings.