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check the app on all major platforms (Linux, Android, Windows, MacOS, iOS)

check the app on all carriers 3G to 4G, etc to see who supports, who bumps and for how long. Also quality. (ATT, Verizon, Sprint, etc) then International

Move from default SIP encrypted port (:5061) if carriers start bumping Monitor SIP port throttling

Setup constant audio stream between two clients as test. -> Setup looping GirlTalk album to test different connections.


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#2 Updated by lee almost 6 years ago

moving the SIP port is an interesting idea. I imagine a solution could work as an IPtables module that rewrites the port for incoming connections. This is required because Freeswitch can listen on multiple TCP ports, or IPtables can intercept traffice before it arrives to Freeswitch.

Regardless, the user would have to know the port number that is allowed out of their ISP.

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i think we want to support connecting on multiple ports by default, the way that most public IRC servers do. Some of these ports should be common like 443, 8443, or even 8888, etc. If we can just use iptables to create port forwarding, then it is quite easy to do statically, and even randomly. From my experience how, it isn't random port blocking, it is more about active filtering of known SIP traffic ports on TCP, and perhaps UDP traffic as well.

This is where we tart diverging from what is normal or "proper" in internet terms, and move into creating defensive against active attacks to block certain types of traffic. It is critical we think this way at the core of design of things like OSTN.

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The blocked outbound port issue is addressed in many places, including...an RFC!


Search for "SIP Outbound" and you'll also find many commercial services that offer a circumvention type of service. I would like to have a "SIP Outbound" service for ostel.co. That is it's own ticket.

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