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more parsable URLs to support

Added by hans almost 3 years ago.

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from @shorty66:

The wikipedia links all coordinates to https://tools.wmflabs.org/geohack/. This is annoying when using an android device as the site needs to load, when really all the user wants to have is a geo: intent to use his favourite mapping app. This is especially annoying if an offline wikipedia-viewer like "aard dictionary" or "kiwix" is used. While these apps do not need internet access, latter is needed to get the geo: uri on the wmflabs.org site in order to open that location in an offline mapping App like "OSMAnd". I understand, that this app is able to intercept certain URLs containing geo information. It would be really nice, if this url type could be supported. I do know that this particular problem is not really privacy related but the feature would be useful nonetheless.


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