Bug #3135

Orbot requires reboot of device after installation on Samsung Galaxy SIII and Note 2

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New installations of Orbot on March 26 on an SIII and Note 2 (running Android 4.1.2 and 4.3 respectively) resulted in identical behavior: When launched, Orbot indicated immediately that it had successfully connected to Tor, while Orweb indicated (correctly) that Orbot had not been successful and should be started.

Scope of issue: This only occurred on two devices out of nine. The lead trainer also ran an SIII and did not have this issue, which really puzzled us.

Troubleshooting: Using Application Manager, we force-quit Orbot and re-started it. No joy.

Solution: We power-cycled both devices and, in both cases, Orbot worked properly afterwards.

(Would advise low priority unless you hear from many others spotting the same behavior)


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  • Target version set to v15 - MayPhlowerz

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