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fdroidclient sends the FDroid APK hash to the repo server

Added by hans almost 4 years ago. Updated over 3 years ago.

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If there was a programmatic FDroid repo, then we could have FDroid clients submit a hash of their own current APK to the repo, and the repo could reply somehow telling the client whether it is an official APK or not. The official repo already hosts FDroid apks, so the standard metadata in index.xml already has the SHA256 of all of the FDroid APKs.

Or maybe it doesn't make sense to have a specific behavior for FDroid itself.

There will need to be a preference to disable this for people running custom builds, i.e. developers, etc.

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#1 Updated by hans almost 4 years ago

  • Subject changed from fdroidclient verifies its own FDroid APK with what is in the repos to fdroidclient sends the FDroid APK hash to the repo server

I just remembered something: the repo server could be configured to only serve up the complete APK list to apps that present valid FDroid APK hashes. I suppose the malware version could just include hard-coded hashes, so it would only help with simple attacks.

In any case, it would be useful as a survey if FDroid client included its version code and SHA256 sum in the URI as a query string each time it accessed the repo. Then the server would have a way to parse that info out to get a survey of what is out there.

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  • Target version changed from improved security/usability to 134

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