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stuck at 85% bootstrapping behind firewall

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Target version:v14 - April Anons


On home network, it connects fine. But on censored network I have to use, it gets stuck at 10% or 85%. Device is an unrooted galaxy nexus. I have tried using the bridges and default iptables to no avail. Log: Orbot is starting…
Orbot is starting…
(re)Setting permission on Tor binary
(re)Setting permission on Privoxy binary
(re)Setting permission on Obfsproxy binary
Orbot is starting…
got tor proc id: 21697
Tor process id=21697
Connecting to control port: 9051
SUCCESS connected to control port
SUCCESS authenticated to control port
Starting Tor client… complete.
adding control port event handler
SUCCESS added control port event handler
WARN: Controller gave us config lines that didn't validate: Unknown option 'Proxy'. Failing.
Unable to update Tor configuration: Error reply: Unrecognized option: Unknown option 'Proxy'. Failing.
Starting privoxy process
/data/data/org.torproject.android/app_bin/privoxy /data/data/org.torproject.android/app_bin/privoxy.config &
orConnStatus (MuhFreedomsAzza2): LAUNCHED
orConnStatus (ParadiseTorRelay2): LAUNCHED
NOTICE: Bootstrapped 85%: Finishing handshake with first hop.
NOTICE: We weren't able to find support for all of the TLS ciphersuites that we wanted to advertise. This won't hurt security, but it might make your Tor (if run as a client) more easy for censors to block.
NOTICE: To correct this, use a more recent OpenSSL, built without disabling any secure ciphers or features.
Privoxy is running on port:8118
Privoxy process id=21706
orConnStatus (xntor0): LAUNCHED

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