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Test linphone on iOS

Added by ex1st over 4 years ago. Updated almost 3 years ago.

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Unfortunately, when making calls on Ostel, the debugger console in linphone for ios states that the zrtp library is not supported. Hopefully, this will be fixed shortly. Otherwise, accounts register properly and calls do get placed.

Lee and Abel made a successful video call from android-android using ostel, but there was no ZRTP.

Abel is writing an email to their mailing list to suss out the state of ZRTP in their suite.


#1 Updated by lee over 4 years ago

There is no encryption in the released versions of Linphone. It seems the libraries are present in the source so we can build a custom version and it should support TLS and ZRTP. I'm doing that now.

#2 Updated by lee over 4 years ago

The current Linphone development head has a build failure on the linking stage due to some weird configuration with openssl. This codebase is completely isolated from the Android version for everything other than graphical assets to make the two look the same.

#3 Updated by lee over 4 years ago

#4 Updated by ex1st over 4 years ago

Thanks to Chris Ballinger, it's now built and available on iOS through testflight with ZRTP enabled.

Given that Apple Dev Server is still down, Lee can't build it himself.

it is receiving calls from liphone in ios 6 & 7 and android via csipsimple. Also via jitsi on osX. However, outgoing calls fail between platforms or have massive lag.

#5 Updated by ex1st over 4 years ago

Next build should include automatic configuration:
Proxy: ostel.co
Signaling: TLS
Media: ZRTP

#6 Updated by Kle about 4 years ago

I'd like to try this build at TestFlight, however I get the message I don't have permission.

#7 Updated by Kle almost 3 years ago

Linphone on iOS in the iOS app store added ZRTP support in July 2014 (see https://lists.mayfirst.org/pipermail/guardian-dev/2014-July/003666.html ).

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