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Setup Ostel as preconfigured provider on Acrobits

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Acrobits is the non-business version of Groundwire. Same company, slightly cheaper too. I've already migrated all of our language to Acrobits.

They offer join their list of preconfigured providers:
Any provider can to add themselves to our preconfigured list of providers - completely free of charge. Just visit our provider interface to sign up for an account, then follow the directions online to join our list of providers. The only thing we ask in return is that you provide a link to our products on your website.

I've submitted a request and am waiting to hear back. I've also updated the Ostel site language as per their terms of service (ie pointing to their itunes account)


#1 Updated by lee over 4 years ago

I'll go as far as linking to the app on a configuration page but I'm not cool with advertising all of Acrobits products on our open source service unless Acrobits publishes their source code.

#2 Updated by lee over 4 years ago

BTW, this is new. Last year the cheaper app didn't support ZRTP key agreement.

#3 Updated by ex1st over 4 years ago

Application rejected for. From acrobits:
"I'm sorry, I get 403 forbidden when I try to register these accounts. Can you double check the usernames and passwords. Just reply here and change the status back to waiting for review."

Checking the details and resubmitting it to them.

Re: advertising Acrobits. As the only iPhone app, it's important we mention it. Thankfully the Acrobits Softphone is now a cheaper option (slightly) than Groundwire. Once it's accepted, we can see how to collaborate further and see if their source is accessible at all.

Otherwise, linphone is now almost an alternative option.

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The link you reference above is not just for their iPhone app. It's for a whole suite of Acrobits communications services. I do not want to link to this page from ostel.co


I don't think it's worth it to jump on this right now as an affiliate. Linphone is a much better direction to go for iphone support since there is actually source code to look at.

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