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08:14 pm Panic Task #3847 (New): At least five prominent human rights or main stream applications incorporate Pa...
08:13 pm Panic Task #3846 (New): 10-15 published patterns in public repository website of panic feature
08:13 pm Panic Task #3845 (New): Established software patterns and usability guidelines for implementing Panic f...
08:12 pm Panic Task #3844 (New): Mobile software libraries as reference implementation for panic feature support
That will include capabilities for:
* Implementing secure storage that can be quickly wiped, and overwritin...
08:03 pm Panic Task #3843 (New): Quarter 6 (NOV-DEC)
* Ongoing community support of Panic Feature resources via mailing list, developer support site, chat, blogs and othe...
08:01 pm Panic Task #3842 (New): Quarter 5 (AUG-OCT)
* Outreach to broader app community; developer support for implementation of Panic (AUG-OCT)
08:01 pm Panic Task #3841 (New): Quarter 4 (MAY-JULY)
* Prototyping of GeoFencing and wearable hardware panic triggers (MAY-JULY)
* Second public release of pattern libra...
07:59 pm Panic Task #3840 (New): Quarter 3 (FEB-APR)
* Introduce and promote the Panic Feature at major Internet Freedom, mobile technology and digital security conferenc...
07:58 pm Panic Task #3839 (New): Quarter 2 (NOV-JAN)
* Development of patterns and libraries begins (NOV-JAN)
* First public release of pattern library and initial code ...


05:10 pm PSST GnuPG Command Line is in the Play Store
Our first release on the path to a full Android GnuPG: we released a
command-line only version of GnuPG into the Pla...

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