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10:45 pm Orbot Bug #4510 (New): OrbotVPN alpha preview Hangs Connections Refused
Never gets past 5% see attached.
here's the log:
rbot is starting…
checking binary version:


10:09 pm CameraV (InformaCam Project) Revision f1260a87 (justpayphone): Update strings.xml
Added new UI strings in Spanish.
09:50 pm CameraV (InformaCam Project) Revision 443c1aec (justpayphone): Update strings.xml
Fixed a typo caught by Hilary or GLSP.


01:21 pm GLSP Feature #3473 (New): Can JustPay run on Gingerbread?
Dawson is reporting that some users are using cheap gingerbread phones, like the Blu from AT&T. I suspect these sorts...


06:18 pm CameraV (InformaCam Project) Bug #3255 (Closed): No notification of data uploading to testbed
In previous releases, during initial setup, there would be an upload icon in the notification tray. In the new versio...


05:45 pm GLSP Bug #2953 (New): Timer runs fast
I suspected the timer on the app was running fast so I did an informal test this morning and ran a stopwatch along wi...


06:50 pm Orbot Feature #1800: Request notification when orbot stops working
This request happened awhile ago so it might have been addressed in subsequent releases. While I was training people...


03:27 am CameraV (InformaCam Project) Feature #2331 (Closed): we need a spinner/please wait while editoractivity is loading
03:22 am CameraV (InformaCam Project) Bug #2335 (Closed): Fix RuntimeException in, lin...
03:19 am CameraV (InformaCam Project) Bug #2337 (Closed): Fix IllegalArgumentException in android.os.Parcel.readException, line 1326

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