Orbot 15.0.1-RC-3 / 14-July-2015

Added by n8fr8 over 2 years ago


  • Updated to latest Tor / OpenSSL 1.0.2a
  • Overall improvements to system and server stability
  • Improvements to Apps VPN mode support
    • Android 5+ you can now select apps for using Apps VPN mode
  • Improved launch and hidden service API for third-party app interaction

Full changelog and source available here:

We'll be doing an update to our F-Droid repos
( this week to include both the
ChatSecure and the Orbot updates.

Orbot v15.0.1 beta 3 #lovewins edition

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In honor of the historic announcement of the US Supreme Court in ruling that same sex marriage is a right, we've released a special #lovewins version of our latest Orbot v15.0.1 beta 3 released earlier today.

You can find it here:


Orbot v15.0.1 beta 3 released (1 comment)

Added by n8fr8 over 2 years ago

See our previous news update ( for the more data or review the changelog here.

We've pushed the release to our Google Play beta channel ( and our /release folder here.

PGP Sig (or below):

You can also use FDroid to subscribe to our nightlies repo here (please uninstall any other version of Orbot first):

Version: GnuPG v1


Orbot v15.0.1 is actually a big update!

Added by n8fr8 over 2 years ago

While v15 added a huge number of features, that also came with it instability and usability issues that we needed to address. We've also seen more apps wanting to interact with Orbot via the Intent API, and so we've improved that a great deal as well.

(Also, we're going to be posting to the news on this project site more and more!)

/** 15.0.1 BETA 2 / 25-Jun-2015 / c56e5d635f758f2ed5ab4e20e0805777686b4536 **/

  • VPN Mode Improvements
    1b6126e Enable support for app selection to work with VPN mode on Lollipop+ For now we will re-use/overload the app selection transpro
    fa427a2 update tun2socks binaries
  • Build Cleanup
    bf8113c update to sdk 22
    f558a0a don't try to build external folders in eclipse
    67d1652 update tor to
  • Intent API improvements
    765bc61 enable background starts by default only for Service intent calls
    e11cae8 Merge branch 'the-big-start-stop-makeover' of into eighthave-the-big-start-stop-makeover
    a8384bd Merge branch 'eighthave-the-big-start-stop-makeover'
    225ad9d fix handling of foreground intent starts, and set bg start off by default
    e132a79 improve status request/callback interaction and status UI layout
    aa87e67 on start, check for running tor daemon, and if TorService stopped, then start
    a81c000 init file path variables (tor, polipo, etc) when the app starts
    943edf0 "Allow Background Starts" prefs also controls the old START_TOR Intent
    adf7c09 remove delayed handling of Intents in OrbotMainActivity
    c9e3102 prevent a status request from starting TorService
    e5c2e1a when OrbotMainActivity starts, query TorService for current status
    232098e set STATUS_STARTING in TorService.onCreate(), that's where it begins
    ff04bde announce Orbot is ON once the first circuit is complete
    8f57b42 rename TorStarter to IncomingIntentRouter, it handles all Intents
    b620f82 include dynamic proxy config info in ACTION_STATUS replies
    0937c88 use constants for setting default ports, and variables when running
    6230845 standardize network port constant variables
    ac8329c create a new pref: "Allow Background Starts"
    775135d let the requesting app know that the user has disabled starting via Intent
    77b1bdf on receiving ACTION_START, only send status reply if EXTRA_PACKAGE_NAME set
    f433a5e expose start action via a BroadcastReceiver that any app can send to
    90b731c strictly target local broadcasts
    bf3572e use the same action string for local and broadcast status
    65d8801 rename mMessageReceiver to mLocalBroadcastReceiver
    4d8a9da broadcast Tor state to any app that might want to know
    fa533e9 fix handle intent for hidden service API request
  • User Interface
    f16394b include all status messages with "start" in them in the starting sequence
    ddaae1d drive main screen UI updated entirely from TorService status updates
    13d2987 a couple tweaks to make the long press feel more responsive
    25a6bb6 force all UI status updates through mStatusUpdateHandler
    5c2d450 make updateStatus() more closely match the state given from TorService
    f09379d create String constants for Intent actions and extras
    fd23da5 purge troublesome half-disabled Wizard, rename menu to "Get Apps..."
  • Localization
    6352bd4 convert app description to XLIFF to make translation management easier
    96b5d90 remove empty translations
    aebf3b0 fixed directory names for Indonesian and Hebrew
    5c7171b add config for transifex-client aka tx
    a721199 rename zh to zh_CN following convention
    9a786d4 Merge pull request #10 from eighthave/fix-translations
    fbf9932 rework setting locale from pref to have a lighter touch and be dynamic
    d43a6cd switch language/locale preference to use Languages utility class
    d85a2e8 remove global NumberFormat for more flexible Locale handling
    7787a3f run ./fix-translations
    d55c7b7 ./fix-translations script to fix common problems in the strings.xml
  • General Cleanup
    2f1d52f purge unused code from OrbotMainActivity
    2f7ddc4 purge unused OrbotLogActivity
    21c3bfb use "SIGNAL HUP" to request Tor re-read its config
    6ac9a2c use context.stopService() to shutdown TorService instead of custom message
    bfb0a80 rename mHandler to mStatusUpdateHandler
    3580cbe only set mCurrentStatus in sendCallbackStatus(), the one stop shop
    780abf0 rework start/stop procedure to have clear points for ON, OFF, STARTING, STOPPING
    4470771 rename startService() to sendIntentToService() to reflect what it does
    82f82e1 mark TorService methods from EventHandler as overridden
    86593df rename status to STARTING and STOPPING since it also starts/stops daemons
    cf0adc2 on start and tor daemon not running, kill all daemons before starting again
    2bc85a4 rework killing all daemons to continue trying after a failure
    73658ce use Java methods for setting permissions on native executables
    a3d37e8 make prefs called directly when needed instead of requiring refresh
    6e13a7e purge dead and unused code from TorService
    12d92f4 handle logging native process Exceptions closer to the source
    ae83f01 purge CMD_INIT/initialize() from TorService, an IntentService doesn't need it
    a336a29 convert status variable to String for easy sharing in Intents
    356e79a remove unused IntentFilter from TorService
    807b51f include proxy config info when returning from START_TOR Intent
    fba0926 update SettingsActivity to use simpler findPreferences() method
    237366c no need to override methods with nothing
    2f1ad74 put up error notification if Orbot cannot kill a process
    81cf67f remove unused icons to save space
  • Repro Builds Progress
    5414104 Merge pull request #9 from eighthave/reboot-and-reproducible
    2372b18 add script to compare APKs for the reproducible process
    cd48dd2 ignore build products in the submodules (ignore = dirty)
    6989f9b add standard ./make-release-build script
    6775f86 add custom ant rules for automating the release process
    e66b5a0 ignore all build products from submodules
    cf43fa2 switch to standard NDK env var: ANDROID_NDK_HOME
    663cade ./jenkins-build script for standard Guardian Project Jenkins build
    3c26f67 update ant setup script to get all settings from their original sources
    77d1b82 adding patch for iptables building on x86
    20bf4c7 update Makefile
    d6ff413 update Makefile with a few tweaks
  • Misc
    333343f remove Firefox ProxyMob recommendation, ProxyMob is no longer supported
    e58a15e Promo Apps: choose "all apps" URL based on which app store is installed
    545afe7 Promo Apps: use Play or FDroid links, fallback to
    0e6ba61 remove Firefox ProxyMob recommendation, ProxyMob is no longer supported
    2f8c130 update to 15.0.1-beta-1 and update openssl to 1.0.2a
    d6bfed0 update for 15.0.1
  • Native build fixes
    3a3f701 Merge branch 'aelmahmoudy-build_system'
    4163fc1 Merge branch 'build_system' of into aelmahmoudy-build_system
    d5e937d Fix build for mips* archs.
    8d7c32c Update OpenSSL to 1.0.2a
    81a945e Patch libevent to compile for 64-bit archs.
    ebe85e5 Add iptables-clean prerequisite to clean target
    adb9a19 Add support for variable arch builds to support mips & 64-bit archs
    84c6645 fixing flag typo
    dbe3024 fix PIE_FLAGS variable to allow for override also, standardize use of STRIP command
    1bc427b handle NPE on number format instance
    ec24428 fix NPE crash if VPN prepare Intent is null on boot
    ddecd0c update changelog for v15 rc 3
    b941a1c show warning about bridge limits on Intel x86/ATOM devices
    325ca1f only ARM chips can support the new Obfs4, Meek bridges so hide the UI options that promote them, and just request standard bri

Orbot-a-million! v12 release

Added by n8fr8 over 4 years ago

To commemorate crossing our 1,000,000 download on Google Play (tho
that's not even counting direct downloads from Tor, our site, etc), we
are releasing v12 as "final", with the latest Tor Aside
from a variety of bug fixes and fresh coat of shellac, the killer new
feature is the up/down transfer monitoring in the notification bar.

What's New?
- - Shiny new icon and graphics
- - Notification bar up and down speeds for EASY viewing through the app
- - App displays total data usage and upload/download speeds
- - moved Tor to
- - no more random flashing on some devices!
- - "Root" permission request for Cyanogen

Tagged, source:

Google Play

APK (+.asc/sig as well)

and our just updated F-Droid repo, as well:

We're even on the Amazon Apppstore now (updating the apk today):

Please report bugs early and often:

Orbot v11 RC3 ready for testing (1 comment)

Added by n8fr8 about 5 years ago

Please see the original v11 announcement for more details on release updates:

This release should fix internet connectivity loss problem while using transproxy features.

Other updates since RC2:
7617c6b small updates for new ABS lib
f0d4b8a updated version and release code
77ebef4 removed unneeded versioned menu resources
c47713c shortened up/down indicator labels
411b56a moved up/down counters back to main screen
50de0bb removed unused method from binary installer
46bf5dd minor updates for ActionBarSherlock support

RC3 APK is here:

GPG sig is here:

Please add bug reports on Guardian Dev ( or on the Tor Trac:

Orbot v11 RC1 ready for testing

Added by n8fr8 over 5 years ago

What's New?
- Tor updated to 0.2.4-alpha
- libevent2 on 2.2.1-alpha
- added data up/down speed and totals display
- added new "Log" SlideDrawer log display
- added ability to copy logs by touching log (for emailing, debugging)
- fixed iptables Android 4/Jellybean compatible binary detection
- iptables add/delete now on specific rules; no more global FLUSHing
- transproxy ensures that UDP is blocked properly for all or selected apps
- wizard display is centered
- added network connectivity monitor to set Tor's DisableNetwork value

APK Download:

Please add bug reports on Guardian Dev ( or on the Tor Trac:

APK GPG key sig:

Version: GnuPG v1.4.11 (GNU/Linux)



Also available in: Atom