Libro Store and Support Options

All purchases and payments can be made via cash, bank check, credit card, paypal, google wallet, square cash, or Bitcoin. No real name information is required to purchase or receive a device. All that is required is a place to send the device to, or a person to give it to. Libro will have setup locations in the US and Europe.

Individual Options

  • Libro's can be purchased for a markup over the hardware fee, to cover basic device setup
    • Libro Burn (Kindle Fire) is $199
    • Libro Trip (Nexus 7) is $299
  • 30 minute free, online (or in-person if desired) training session included with price
  • Additional personal support at floating scale of $50-100 per hour depending upon ability to pay

Organization Options

  • Libro's can be purchased and setup in-bulk up to 10 units at time, with an additional fee for the bulk order
    • A pack of 10 Libro Burns would be $199x10 = $1999 + $200 = $2199
  • Custom applications can be loaded at org request
  • Single Org admin 1-hour training session included
  • Additional group training sessions available at variable rates, depending upon size and length

Philanthropic Options

  • Libro will offer a "Buy One, Give One" program aka "One Tablet Per Activist" or "One Tablet Per Journalist"
  • Any individual can buy two devices, and the second device will be donated to a qualified activist, journalist or rights defender
  • Second device can also be purchased as a donation to a qualified 501c3 non-profit


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