Libro Libre The Concept

The Libro is the Free Book

LiBro aka the FreeBook aka the Little Brother

The Libro is an affordable, low-cost companion device, designed to defend the privacy of its user. It has no camera or microphone, and so cannot be used as an unwitting surveillance tool. It utilizes a streamlined, locked-down version of Android, that includes no closed-source applications or links to Google, Amazon or other corporate account. It utilizes full-disk encryption, built-in firewalls, and other secure by design features. Finally, it comes stock with the full suite of Guardian Project applications and add-ons, for secure communications and information access, including support for Tor, Off-the-Record Encryption, and a full Debian OS subsystem. The Libro can be used on traditional internet-enabled wifi access points, as well as mesh network settings, where the network is not trusted or available.

Simple as Pie (not Pi)

The default experience of the Libro will be a dead-simple, clean custom home screen. It will feature short cuts for common functions like "Start a secure chat", or "Turn on Tor".

The Elevator Pitch

"Traveling abroad, and don't want to risk your smartphone or laptop? Take a Libro!"

"Want to keep a chat truly off the record? Use a Libro!"

"Need to make sure something stays truly private, for your eyes only? Get a Libro!"

What the Libro is and is notho is

  • The Libro is not a smartphone, nor does it seek to replace a users telephone functions. It is a secure enhancement for sensitive information.
  • The designs for the Libro are fully open, with easy instructions for how to "build your own" using off-the-shelf products and free software
  • The Libro may be considered an air-gapped device, if the networking is disabled, and only removeable storage is used to load data

Who needs a Libro?

  • Anyone who requires a safe digital space to think, share, connect, and keep personal, private information safe and secure
  • Individuals who are charged with handling sensitive digital information, be it state-secrets, corporate information, or private data of individuals
  • Journalists who need a simple, secure way to communicate with colleagues, newsrooms and sources around the world
  • Activists who need to be able to coordinate organizing, media outreach (communicate with journalists securely!) and protests
  • Traveling business people going to untrustworthy internet regions of the world
  • Anyone living in place where the Internet is filtered, throttled or not available, but who would still benefit from digital communications and computing

What do you do with a Libro?

  • Use it to secure communicate via encrypted messaging over Tor, using a new separate identity from your normal smartphone or laptop
  • Browse via Firefox incognito mode over Tor for a complete, sandboxed web access, that will not leak your private information to any site
  • Use as a multiple layer encrypted storage device, with full disk encryption, OpenPGP (GnuPG) file encryption and more
  • Use together with other Libro's in a non-internet mesh communication system to privately share and synchronize files
  • Using the Globaleaks application, share data to any compatible whisteblowing system securely, and removed from your day-to-day communications

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