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Toggle_check # Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Due date
3712BugNewNormalpasswords with non-ASCII chars will not work if OS is upgraded to 4.4.2/android-20/KitKat09/05/2014 03:41 am
3683BugNewUrgentinclude PRNGFixes.java08/27/2014 07:38 pm
3473FeatureNewNormalCan JustPay run on Gingerbread?n8fr806/09/2014 01:21 pm
2953BugNewHighTimer runs fastn8fr802/12/2014 05:45 pm
2307TaskResolvedNormalClean up start, stop and lunch pictogramsmikael11/29/2013 10:52 am
2153TaskNewNormalUI Implementationmikael10/21/2013 04:15 pm
1507TaskNewNormalGLSP feedbackrebecca06/20/2013 06:34 pm07/07/2013
1510TaskNewNormalGLSP feedbackrebecca06/20/2013 06:49 pm07/15/2013
1508TaskNewNormalGLSP provides feedback on 8/15/13 versionrebecca06/20/2013 06:37 pm09/15/2013
1509TaskNewNormalGLSP provides feedback on server/dashboardrebecca06/20/2013 06:38 pm09/30/2013
1512TaskNewNormalGLSP feedback on apprebecca06/20/2013 06:51 pm10/15/2013
1513TaskNewNormalGLSP feedback on serverrebecca06/20/2013 06:53 pm10/22/2013


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