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UI Implementation

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Hey Mikael! I've attached the final mock-ups to build from. I will also add style guides to this issue's thread. The flow is the same as what is shown in the most current version of the prototype (though not all of the screens have been updated with this revised design—https://carriewinfrey.proto.io/player/index.cfm?id=4b710de9-c36e-4696-89a9-609efa22f910.

Cheers! Carrie

On the timesheet screen (07_time_sheet.png) the "Good Job! You worked 10.4 hours today" will only show up after the user clocks out and is shown the timesheet screen.

Also, one more thing to note—in the prototype, you can tap on the progress dots. In the actual app, we only need the swipe interaction to move through the different screens.


glsp_design.zip (659 KB) carriestiens, 10/20/2013 10:26 pm

glsp_style_guide.pdf (9.76 MB) carriestiens, 10/21/2013 04:14 pm

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Hey Mikael, a fairly detailed style guide with dimensions, fonts and colors is attached. :)

Also available in: Atom PDF