working towards a CacheWord v0.1 release

Added by hans over 3 years ago

So I've just wrapped up a big push to nail down the CacheWord API and simply
the library as much as possible. I'll eventually make a proper release with a
jar file, but for now it is just in git:

Here are the notable changes, feedback welcome:

  • the app must create and handle the Notification, cacheword no longer does
  • CacheWordActivityHandler was removed, it was a pointless wrapper.
    Use CacheWordHandler instead call it's connectToService() and
    disconnectFromService() directly, most likely from onResume()
    and onPause() respectively
  • cacheword no longer maintains the lock timeout value in the
    preferences, your app should handle that and provide a timeout
    to the CacheWordHandler constructor, or via setTimeout()
  • getBlankServiceIntent() moved from CacheWordService to
    CacheWordHandler, to provide a unified API all on CacheWordHandler
  • dynamic PBKDF iteration count based on /proc/cpuinfo
  • now ships as a single jar file, but still works as an Android
    Library Project
  • now only depends on android-support-v4.jar
  • purged dependencies to simplify deployment (spongycastle, guava,
    commons-codec, IOCipher, SQLCipher)
  • manuallyLock() renamed to lock() to match isLocked()
  • As of IOCipher v0.2, IOCipherMountHelper is much simpler. Just
    copy it into your project, or just rip out the little bit of
    code and put it where you need it.
  • The plan is to add raw key handling to SQLCipher-for-Android,
    then SQLCipherOpenHelper will also be no longer needed

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