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Toggle_check # Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Due date
8568TaskNewNormalConversations With Sqlcipher for PGP support01/04/2018 06:38 am
8428TaskNewNormalSecond Password08/19/2017 11:33 am
8427FeatureNewNormalhandling more than one passphrase with cashword08/19/2017 10:33 am
5068FeatureNewNormalsupport unlocking with Yubikey NFC04/24/2015 09:00 pm
5002FeatureResolvedHighHow can I use Cacheword in a Gradle based Android studio app?hans04/16/2015 11:54 pm
4585BugFeedbackNormalWhat parts of the development are not complete/risky to use?04/14/2015 11:40 pm
3836BugNewNormalLockScreenActivity is start when entering the app after the task was removed from Recent Activity10/03/2014 03:03 pm
3782TaskNewNormalrun clirr in jenkins to check for API/ABI compatibilitiy09/18/2014 03:58 pm
3749BugNewNormalbackup cacheword key blob by sending to PGP09/12/2014 07:27 pm
3710BugNewNormalmake key derivation use full unicode09/04/2014 06:53 pm
3664TaskNewHighhandle PBKDF2WithHmacSHA1 changes in 4.409/05/2014 02:49 pm
3383BugNewUrgentAttempting to lock from notification sometimes fails - and stays failed09/17/2014 12:42 am
3206FeatureNewLowIntegrate with android settings resource file04/07/2014 09:39 am
3145FeatureNewNormalpanic message to lock all open databases04/08/2014 07:02 pm
3126TaskIn ProgressHightest new CW changes in NoteCipherabeluck04/14/2015 11:10 pm
3125BugNewNormaldivine reflection voodoo requried to wipe Cipher class09/04/2014 06:55 pm
3122FeatureNewLowuse scrypt instead of PBKDF209/04/2014 06:55 pm
3121FeatureNewNormalmigrate secrets handling to unmanaged C code for more reliable zeroizing03/25/2014 11:28 am
3120FeatureNewNormalnative secure EditText fields03/19/2015 03:07 pm
3119TaskNewNormalinvestigate using Android 4.x KeyStore03/25/2014 11:10 am
2251FeatureNewNormalpanic mode03/25/2014 07:08 pm
1770FeatureNewNormalwrite random garbage to disk patterned after the key file to obscure the deleted key file03/25/2014 07:07 pm


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