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Bazaar is our focused effort to make the F-Droid app store the most private and secure available, while embedding the best known methods for guaranteeing access no matter the conditions of the internet:


Activities and Research

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Whenever possible we should try to frame our work in terms of the F-Droid development process. If we can fix issues in F-Droid by submitting the functionality that we need for Bazaar, then its a win-win.

Design Assets

Starting Point
Wifi-QR/IP screen: (attached)

These documents cover the UI for all of the design we've discussed as of May 30th, 2014. I've labeled them as p01 for 'phase 1'.
Illustrator file:
Images of each screen (22 total):
Diagram of the swap workflow and an outline of the other UI components: workflow_diag_p01.pdf

*Phase 2 Design
SVG files are attached below as ''