Bazaar2 Monthly Report - January 2016

Added by hans over 1 year ago

January was a month of beginnings. We focused on building our team which now includes core members from F-Droid, Debian, and the Guardian Project, as well as the commons guy, Mark Murphy (who seems responsible for answering half of all Android questions on Stack Overflow!)
There was of course plenty of ongoing work as well; we are working on getting the next stable F-Droid release out. We finalized an overhaul of the app swapping feature and finished the necessary groundwork to make F-Droid use Unicode everywhere (which means it will support all languages that the Android device can.)
And more:

  • We created a roadmap for a reproducible Firefox in F-Droid (based on work with Orfox and GNU IceCat)
  • We worked towards a reproducible Orbot release.
  • We worked towards improving the F-Droid translation process (including integration with OTF Localization Lab)
  • We ported fdroidserver to Python3
  • We set up a build server and completed builds for every app to test for reproducibility!

We have also been updating “swap” code from the previous Benetech project to make it more stable. We changed the way devices listen via wifi and bluetooth for nearby devices - this change has been merged into the master but won’t be released until the next major release. We are now well underway with the code that keeps track of device IP addresses so that F-Droid can correctly broadcast itself. This new code also includes tests to ensure that F-Droid is doing this correctly.

We have also been busy with: * Work towards an easy seamless Tor integration. * Continued work on getting Android SDK into Debian (as well as) * nailing down the technical approach for the Android SDK packaging to get it there.

At the same time, we have also been busy reaching out to various organizations to hear about their mobile app and distribution needs and issues.