P2P Swap improvements and app repo automation

Added by hans over 2 years ago

I have been working with Carrie, Peter and Nathan on revamping the FDroid peer-to-peer swap procedure based both on feedback about swap in FDroid, as well as on our work over the past year on adding "nearby" functionality to our apps. We have reviewed the designs, and Peter is implementing the updated approach. I also worked on some of the FDroid internals that will make the swap process smoother, things like fetching the app index entirely in the background and speeding it up.

I have also been working to smooth out automatic publishing of app repos to multiple locations. I've been using Guardian Project's nightly builds and build server as the prototyping environment. It now automatically publishes each build to an app store that includes multiple apps:

And multiple repos that only include builds for a single app:


Added by carriestiens over 2 years ago

I've been working with Hans, Peter and Nathan on the UX design, as well as doing internal testing and peer reviews on the proposed improvements.

Design work addressed UX issues in the current implementation of F-Droid Swap including:
- The swap process works great when you go straight through it, but problems come when the user switches to other activities or goes back and forth through the swap process.
- We had a request to provide a detailed description of the swap feature addressing 2 concerns: First was, does this turn my device into something akin to a torrent server that's outside my control? Second was, does this install access to a non-free repository?

Design work also addressed key learnings gained from testing the feature at the Wind event in Boston.
- When people want to share apps, their first thought is who and what they want to share. Automatically looking for people nearby and displaying them on the Nearby home screen, gives more immediate access to connecting with people.

I created a design prototype demonstrating the UX improvements.

In concert with the design of F-Droid, I created a document exploring designs for various implementations of Nearby capabilities in other apps. This document was created to explore the needs for nearby functionality in various apps, and to discover UX patterns, language and iconography that can be used in app development to create consistency both in behavior and language. The goal is to increase the overall usability of nearby functionality in open source apps.