two example apps: FakePanicButton and FakePanicReceiver

Added by hans over 2 years ago

I've publicly posted my two example panic apps: FakePanicButton and
FakePanicReceiver. These are just meant to be simple examples of the panic
framework in action. I've been using them as my rapid prototyping platform
before thinking about how to integrate this stuff into real apps. Right now,
you can see the list of "panic receivers" when you open FakePanicButton, and
you can select them to receive the trigger that FakePanicButton sends.

On the FakePanicReceiver side, you can see the active panic trigger app, as
well as the panic config screen, which is just a fullscreen placeholder with
functional Cancel/Connect buttons.

Their git repos are on our GuardianProject organization: and you can get test builds here:

I've also been sketching things out in the panic wiki and issue tracker. You
can follow all the panic activity here: