new app release: Location Privacy

Added by hans almost 3 years ago

LocationPrivacy is not really app but rather a set of "Intent Filters" for all of the various ways of sharing location. When you share location from one app, LocationPrivacy offers itself as an option. It then recognizes insecure methods of sharing location, and then converts them to more secure methods. This mostly means that it rewrites URLs to use https, and even to use `geo:` URIs, which can work on fully offline setups. LocationPrivacy mostly works by reading the location information from the URL itself. For many URLs, LocationPrivacy must actually load some of the webpage in order to get the location.

LocationPrivacy can also serve as a way to redirect all location links to your favorite mapping app. All map apps in Android can view `geo:` URIs, and LocationPrivacy converts many kinds of links to `geo:` URIs, including: Google Maps, OpenStreetMap, Amap, Baidu Map, QQ Map, Nokia HERE, Yandex Maps.

This is the first beta release of a new idea for us, if you have problems or ideas, please post them on our issue tracker so we can improve this app!

This was started as part of the T2 Panic work, since sharing location is so often a part of panic apps. Follow our progress here:

Join us and help translate the app: