May Report

Added by hans over 3 years ago

We have completed the transition from prototype to official FDroid releases.
All of the Bazaar prototype known internally as Kerplapp has been integrating
into the FDroid app store, so when you download the official FDroid APK, you
are getting the Bazaar functionality. You can now "bootstrap" FDroid to a new
device using Bluetooth, Android Beam (NFC+Bluetooth), local wifi, and mesh.
You can "swap" app collections using local wifi and mesh. And you can send
any app installed with FDroid to any Android device via Bluetooth, Android
Beam, local wifi, and mesh. Here are some quick HOWTOs on those:

Additionally, the large architectural changes to the FDroid app are almost
basically complete, allowing lots of flexibility for new functionality,
including a modern Android UI with a sidebar as well as generalized
downloading infrastructure to support Tor, Bluetooth, OTRDATA, and anything
else we can think of.

And some other interesting odds and ends:

You can find the FDroid test releases here:

Or if you want to track the bleeding edge, you can find unofficial debug builds for every commit here: