February Report:

Added by hans almost 4 years ago

February's Bazaar effort was focused on streamlining the bootstrapping process. In line with this goal we added several ways to send the FDroid application to a new device. We also worked on creating several methods for adding the repository data to the FDroid app once it was installed. The methods for bootstrapping that are now supported included sending the FDroid apk by NFC Beam, by bluetooth file transfer, or over HTTP download. The Kerplapp/FDroid repository information can now be shared via NFC, QR Code, and URI. Some minor bug fixes were introduced to solve some usability issues & some application crashes. The tail end of the month focused on the initial preparation and discussions for the OpenITP UX Sprint that both Hans and myself participated in. This preparation involved preparing printouts of the various FDroid & Kerplapp workflows as well as documenting the bootstrapping process in a decision tree diagram.

High level

  • Code cleanup of both the FDroid client & Kerplapp (removing compiler warnings, unused imports, etc)
  • Finished network service discovery support for the FDroid client. Worked with upstream project to get patches merged.
  • NFC Beam & Bluetooth transfer support for the FDroid app developed and merged upstream.
  • Google CSRNG fixes added to Kerplapp & FDroid.
  • Crashing bugs fixed in both Kerplapp & FDroid.
  • Developed decision tree to document bootstrapping process
  • Extensive discussion of the Kerplapp/FDroid user experience, terminology and application user interfaces.

You can try it now, get FDroid for the app installing and repos, and Kerplapp to run a local repo from the apps installed on your phone: