MRAapp Information Architecture

Added by SteveWyshy over 5 years ago

Wanted to send out the current state of the Information Architecture (IA) Steve and I have been working on. We will make sure this description and the document itself is up in the Wiki tomorrow morning. You can find it in the files section of the project.

What we're trying to show/plan with this document is what the application "is." We want to plan the types of things people are working with (models and Projects), what people can do with those models (Add, edit, delete, change, etc...) and the primary goals of the application (capturing stories, education, etc...)

Pages start at the top (and to the left if not centered) and move downward. At most times we are showing hierarchies of different types of data, their relationship to each other, and the actions that can be performed on them. The notes within the document should help guide you through and provide more detail for each object.

- Alex