Sprint 5 alpha 9 builds begin!

Added by n8fr8 almost 5 years ago

We've been making great strides knocking down the last of the urgent/high and even quite a few normal open issues on the project tracker.

If you want to see what is left, you can view a query here:

Resolved in this build

  • Continued work on YouTube authentication and upload across different variations of Android
  • Debugging (and fixing/resolving) Arabic lesson content to properly handle slideshows, images, etc (updated AR lessons pushed shortly)
  • Bug #640 (Resolved): Single Photo simple story should publish only a single clip (the single shot...
  • Bug #907 (Resolved): audio recording stops if phone screen goes to sleep/locks
  • Feature #614 (Resolved): Quick Capture Screen
  • Bug #692 (Resolved): No thumbnail on publish page
  • Feature #598 (Resolved): First Start Screen
  • Bug #804 (Resolved): Slide shows not working in AR version,
  • Feature #536 (Resolved): media guid needed in

... and there is also one new easter egg feature in this release - can you find it?!


APK Shorturl: http://goo.gl/yuAmM

GPG SIG: https://dev.guardianproject.info/attachments/download/626/StoryMaker-0.0.5-alpha-9a.apk.asc


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