Bug #8469

NoScript stuck on Easy Blacklist since in 1.4beta&RC

Added by Anonymous 4 months ago.

Status:NewStart date:10/01/2017
Priority:HighDue date:
Assignee:n8fr8% Done:


Target version:Orfox RC


Starting with Orfox-v1.4-beta-2 (and later versions beta3, RC1, RC2, RC3), the NoScript extension resets its configuration to EasyBlacklist (all servers allowed) on every start.

Up to Orfox-1.2.1-TorBrowser-6.5-Fennec45.5.1-build2, NoScript was setup as ClassicWhitelist (all servers blocked) and one could freely change it to EasyBlacklist and back, also the change would survive a restart.

Now, 1.4beta2 (and later) when you set it as ClassicWhitelist it will stay like that for the current session, but revert after a restart.

There is a fix though: install v1.2.1 first, start it once, close it, and then update to v1.4, this way apparently it will start working as intended.

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