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ReCaptcha now doesn't work at all, isn't time to fix it?

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Copied to Orfox Private Browser - Bug #8385: ReCaptcha now doesn't work at all, isn't time to fix it? New 04/08/2016


#1 Updated by Stabledoesntmeanbuggy almost 2 years ago

Tor Project should have used a copyright to use tor name only in (good ) projects started by them, because these ones sucks, it seems like an experiment; Well, when one say STABLE, it have to be stable not full of (very bad) bugs that make the browser about useless; it is a total waste of time to use it, now, needless to say put it on google play wasn't a good idea because it gives the idea that it works. While orbot can works, this one does nothing.

I've seen there are 60 bugs opened, and many of them talks about captcha. Devs should now that unluckily captcha are used in most part of the web, tor networks too. Google ones are the most bad ones; In short words, no captchas no browser...
While many issues talks about of very bad bugs about captchas, this one make the use of Orfox about impossible. I've tried anything but Google tells me "Sorry, an error has occured" and I can't do Google ReCaptchas! JS enabled, also tried allow globally cookies.

Is time to fix it? Shall we wait next christmas? If yes, ok, just write on google play "works like shit" so one don't download it.

Off Topic: a team that works on Android use a bug tracker that hasn't a mobile version.....

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