Bug #5708

Scrolling through contacts for new chat is extremely slow

Added by dllud over 2 years ago. Updated over 2 years ago.

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When opening a new chat one is presented with a list of contacts. Scrolling through this list is extremely slow on ChatSecure 14.2.1 to the point of making it unusable. I can see some glitches around contact avatars, perhaps their rendering is what is slowing this down.
I am running ChatSecure on a Samsung i9100 with Replicant 4.2.

chatsecure-contact-list-glitches.png (26.5 KB) dllud, 08/27/2015 11:43 am


#1 Updated by hans over 2 years ago

I can't reproduce this on my Samsung Galaxy Note2 n7100 running OmniROM 4.4.4-20150520

#2 Updated by dllud over 2 years ago

On logcat I just get:
I/Choreographer( 4592): Skipped 120 frames! The application may be doing too much work on its main thread.
I/InputDispatcher(30799): Window 'Window{412d6340 u0 info.guardianproject.otr.app.im/info.guardianproject.otr.app.im.app.ContactsPickerActivity}' spent 3134.9ms processing the last input event: MotionEvent(action=0, deviceId=8, source=0x00001002, displayId=0)

I am attaching a screenshot showing the glitches I mentioned. Look at the first two contacts.

#3 Updated by dllud over 2 years ago

I have around 60 contacts on this list. It sorts of works if I scroll slowly. However, I can spot it blocking for a while when loading new contacts and if I do a quick swipe to scroll faster it blocks for 3s or so.

Check your ListAdapter implementation. Is it recycling the hidden views? Here are some good tips: [[http://www.piwai.info/android-adapter-good-practices]]

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