Feature #566

implement readUTF in RandomAccessFile

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We're currently throwing an UnsupportedOperationException here.

     * Reads a string that is encoded in {@link DataInput modified UTF-8} from
     * this file. The number of bytes that must be read for the complete string
     * is determined by the first two bytes read from the file. Blocks until all
     * required bytes have been read, the end of the file is reached or an
     * exception is thrown.
     * @return the next string encoded in {@link DataInput modified UTF-8} from
     *         this file.
     * @throws EOFException
     *             if the end of this file is detected.
     * @throws IOException
     *             if this file is closed or another I/O error occurs.
     * @throws UTFDataFormatException
     *             if the bytes read cannot be decoded into a character string.
     * @see #writeUTF(String)
    public final String readUTF()


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