Bug #5203

Orbot dev / guardian bug

Added by Anonymous over 2 years ago.

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As you well know, Orbot does not protect the real IP of its users under many common scenarios involving video. Yet you make no mention of this anywhere on the page at which you invite people to download it and "stay secure and anonymous". Neither have you pulled Orbot from the Android store. Quite the opposite. You advertise it with "stay anonymous" slogans on your own download page.

So how is anyone supposed to think anything other than you cannot be trusted, that is, you knowingly, deliberately and systematically betray the trust of everyone who uses your software? And how is anyone supposed to come to anything other than the obvious conclusion about who you are, why you're doing what you're doing, who you're working with and for etc. etc. ?

By offering this app up as secure whilst also permitting this app to continue to betray it's users you've completely and permanently destroyed any credibility you may have had. This is not just my opinion, this is the opinion of other interested and aware parties I've had frank conversations with.

The facts about this issue and what they imply are not widely enough known and I intend to spend a good amount of my free time making them so.

It's disgusting. You know a main product on your page has a terrible IP revealing bug which most users will in fact trigger off as they use your product. You know this, yet you make zero mention of it on that product's page, you

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