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Help required regarding ZRTP.

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Dear concern,

I am having issue regarding a open source software called ZFONE, have tried different steps also without using zfone and implementing ZRTP stack and LIBZRPT on Ubuntu still cant understand how the flow works. Here is the scenario that i want to discuss and require help for how will it work. Attach is this case.

In this diagram we want to implement ZFONE or ZRTP not on the end devices but in the middle devices, the phone must initiate call from the end device and RTP traffic passes through these devices and ZRTP must be implemented on the traffic and then encrypted traffic passes through one device to another and decrypt there and then normal RTP stream back to the end device.. we have tried many scenarios, we placed two Ubuntu boxes as ZFONE and tried, no luck we also tried the LIBZRTP and changed stuff which we though will work to hook ZFONE with it but still no luck. All the traffic is captured and analyzed by Wireshark. Kindly suggest any scenario or software or anything which can help us accomplish this.

ZRTP series.jpg (86.3 KB) Anonymous, 12/13/2012 03:42 am

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