Bug #3554

users not notified of pending message statuses

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Tediously, this is another "why isn't ChatSecure like Xabber?" issue. Sorry.

When sending a message using Xabber and either the sender or recipient go offline, Xabber informs the user via popup of either case, and also that the message will be sent once connectivity is established/reestablished.

After a lot/long time of ChatSecure use, it is unclear to me whether ChatSecure in fact stores a message until it can be sent, of something more haphazard happens - or sometimes if the message is sent at all.

So, this bug is one of two: if the message is lost and cannot be sent (except by copy paste) if either party is offline, then the messages should somehow be queued until both parties are connected again; if this is already the behaviour, then there needs to be some notification that this is happening. Without any notification, the delay simply ends up being confusion whether the app is working or not.


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this issue was fixed sometime between 13.1.2 and 14.0.2

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