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14.0.0-ALPHA-2a making small progress on Samsung GS4 Android 4.4.2 WiFi

Added by Anonymous over 3 years ago.

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Took a chance and installed orbot 14.0.0-ALPHA-2a. Required an uninstall of 13.0.7 (f-droid.org non-beta) and a reboot.

Now, when I enable WiFi, Android 4.4.2 does not lockup right away. Now, the WiFi-enabled lockups wait for 30 minutes or until the first time my display times out into power saving mode. Also, too, entering Settings | Connectivity | WiFi no longer instantly hangs 4.4.2 with orbot and WiFi both enabled.

This is hardly good enough, but it does represent real progress, however small.

When Android finally locks up, either a long power button press or battery pull is still required to recover.

Are changes to Android WebView the right lead for orbot's devs to pursue?

Don't give up now...

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