Feature #3205

Add support for AGL's xmpp client key format (github.com/agl/xmpp-client)

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I've been using AGL's xmpp-client github.com/agl/xmpp-client

I want my friends to use it over pidgin because it's explicitly just for OTR and makes things simpler even though for some it's scary because it uses white-text on a black background etc ;-). It stores the key in an unusual format, so I was looking to make a converter. I then found this project, and thought I might as well merge with this. So I thought I might as well write it up on the tracker. It's on my TODO list in order to make the transition of some friends from Pidgin/Jitsi to xmpp-client easier, however, when I get around to that is undetermined so by all means feel free to take this up and just do it. It's probably a case of understanding which base the key is in and look at how how it parses the structure of the key file.


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thanks, looking forward to the patch :)

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