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implement private key conflict handling

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for more of the information that keysync finds, it can include multiple bits of information. For example, if it finds multiple verified fingerprints for a given account, it can just include them all and the apps will all use them. But there can only be one single secret key assigned to a given account.

If someone is syncing multiple apps that have been setup with the same account, it is very likely that each app will have already generated a secret key. That means when syncing, the user will have to choose which secret key to use.

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One idea is to choose on secret key and use that for all accounts. That makes it more likely there will be verified sessions, but then links all the accounts the user has together. That might be problematic at times. For more on this topic:


Really, if people want to keep IM accounts as separate identities, they should probably not be added to the same app and instead added to separate apps.

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