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08:00 pm Orbot Task #7629 (New): request to set info on bug tracker for github
it is worth Nathan to look here :
As you see People (and als...


06:49 pm Orbot Feature #6816 (New): security request
request to add password pin/pattern/protected torrc config file to prevent any unauthorized changes to tor config
02:21 pm Orbot Bug #6813: i cant shutdown orbot
this is happening when i use VPN mode when i deselect VPN i can shut down tor
02:18 pm Orbot Bug #6815 (New): orbot is not saving changes
step to reproduce
-go to settings
-enter exit node
-go to settings
-select apps
02:06 pm Orbot Bug #6814 (New): language problem
what kind of language is this ? mixed english ?
this issue is present from 15.xx
01:58 pm Orbot Bug #6813 (New): i cant shutdown orbot
tor service is shutting down
v 15.1.3
also when i set config sometimes orbot is not saving my changes eg nodes...

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