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05:20 pm KeySync Bug #2058 (New): Mac OS X app exits with error code: 255
Tried to run the program. Initially had both apps running. Then closed app on desktop and maybe (?) on the Android (n...
05:16 pm KeySync Feature #2057 (New): Update Logo
It would be great to have a simpler logo that is just a key with a looped arrow at the top.
A mix between this:


08:38 pm OSTel Wiki edit: Standards_Documentation (#2)
08:34 pm OSTel Wiki edit: Standards_Documentation (#1)
08:31 pm OSTel Wiki edit: Wiki (#12)
04:58 pm OSTel Wiki edit: Server_Documentation (#29)


08:06 pm OSTel Bug #1601: Problems connecting with Jitsi
Lee got a new computer and doesn't have the Ruby stuff installed to test local. Should get old computer back on the 1...
08:05 pm OSTel Task #1695 (In Progress): Test linphone on Android
Finding some bugs negotiating handshake between ios and android. Sometimes doesn't initiate ZRTP. Sometimes blocks au...
08:03 pm OSTel Feature #1584 (Resolved): add link to GP blog tag "ostel"
08:01 pm OSTel Bug #1893 (New): Create Installer for OSTN
Initially exploring creating a chef script to do this.
Now looking at Docker http://blog.dotcloud.com/bootstrappi...

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