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11:25 pm Bazaar Revision 3f874629 (fdroidclient): Updated changelog with downloadmanager details.
Used Toby's MR description because it was very concise.
11:21 pm Bazaar Revision da8811ea (fdroidclient): Merge branch 'cr-of-download-manager' into 'master'
Resumeable, simultaneous APK downloads in the background using Android's DownloadManager (post code-review)
This is ...
10:49 pm Bazaar Revision 9848816d (fdroidclient): Fix bug introduced when resolving conflicts during rebase.
ApkDownloader now requires an `App` to be passed in.
08:22 pm Bazaar Revision 645f9fc5 (fdroidclient): Rename Utils.copy and Utils.symlinkOrCopyFile to indicate excep...
Renamed to Utils.copyQuietly() and Utils.symlinkOrCopyFileQuietly().
The copy(File, File) method gobbles up IOExcept...
08:21 pm Bazaar Revision d0d287f6 (fdroidclient): Remove undocumented params from JavaDoc.
Android Studio by default warns about undocumented params, which makes it harder
to identify more problematic warning...
08:21 pm Bazaar Revision a09587c7 (fdroidclient): Use helper functions where appropriate.
08:21 pm Bazaar Revision 0a9941d9 (fdroidclient): Refactor AsyncDownloader to be an interface.
The interface is used by both AsyncDownloadWrapper and
08:21 pm Bazaar Revision 69ecaf02 (fdroidclient): Refactored AsyncDownloader to only ever be constructed by Downl...
08:21 pm Bazaar Revision 7b773f94 (fdroidclient): Make DownloadManager code file-agnostic, needn't be specific to...
This is mainly cosmetic, changing the names of variables so that the downloader
can seemingly be used for any type of...
08:21 pm Bazaar Revision 9b7c4c7b (fdroidclient): WIP: CR.

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