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06:34 pm CameraV (InformaCam Project) Bug #2929 (Feedback): J3M timestamps vary by 19 hours within same image file
I took a photo yesterday morning (Jan. 30). In the Gallery view of the image history it says the photo was taken on ...


07:00 pm CameraV (InformaCam Project) Bug #2918 (New): Images sent to phone gallery
I tested the app when I was in The Hague. The first nine pictures I took all went to the phone gallery instead of th...
06:55 pm CameraV (InformaCam Project) Bug #2917 (New): Display of tag annotation in the dashboard
The dashboard only displays the first completed field of annotation for each tag. So for example, if you complete th...


01:21 pm CameraV (InformaCam Project) Bug #2870 (New): Editing Tag Information
I noticed that you cannot delete the information in the tagging questionnaire once it has been saved. You can add in...


04:57 pm CameraV (InformaCam Project) Feature #2851 (New): Sensor time-out feature
Since the app records all sensor data once the camera is activated, if a user keeps the camera open in between captur...
04:52 pm CameraV (InformaCam Project) Bug #2850 (New): Problems when taking multiple images
There are two situations in which images are sometimes booted from the app into the regular device public gallery. F...


06:23 pm CameraV (InformaCam Project) Bug #2360 (Resolved): Gallery filter
The option to filter the images in the Gallery by Shared Items, does not appear to be working. When I click on it, t...


11:03 pm CameraV (InformaCam Project) Bug #2352 (Resolved): Pulling images from phone gallery
I was able to install the app on the Samsung Galaxy Player 5.0 that I have. I took one photo and one video. The pho...
09:44 pm CameraV (InformaCam Project) Feature #2347 (New): Annotation - Gender
I noticed that you can't unselect on the gender checkboxes. For the civilian, military, victim, perpetrator boxes, y...


09:59 pm CameraV (InformaCam Project) Bug #2007 (Closed): GPS coordinates
I noticed that most of the images I've taken have not recorded any GPS coordinates. I checked the phone settings reg...

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